BBVA in Switzerland invites you to the Prado Museum

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BBVA in Switzerland, Culture / 20 August, 2018
BBVA in Switzerland invites you to the Prado Museum

Leticia Peña Escribano Client Solutions

The Prado Museum is approaching its 200th anniversary. The Spanish gallery is home to a fascinating collection of masterpieces by seminal figures in the history of art. A tour of its collection will provide you with the opportunity to admire works by artists like Hieronymous Bosch, Titian, El Greco, Rubens, Velázquez and Goya. Located in the heart of Madrid, in the city's famous art district, the Prado boasts a magnificent collection. Visit this museum and immerse yourself in the stories narrated by the paintings on display. Historical events, fanciful notions and the canons of the different periods are all evoked in the exhibits at this museum. Venture into Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. Dance with Rubens' Three Graces. Soak up the sensation of tranquillity emanated by the portico in Fra Angelico's Annunciation. Gaze into the eyes of El Greco's Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest. Feel the mystery of one of the most copied and inspiring works in the history of art, Diego Velázquez's Meninas. This is a just a sample of what you can see at this magnificent art museum.
All of these works, along with their history, the context in which they were painted and the preoccupations reflected by the artists, are waiting to be discovered when you visit the Prado.
In recent years the museum has also exploited the benefits of innovation and technology. Through the internet, it is now possible to admire the quality and exceptional details of the great works in its collection online. The Prado has also used Google Earth technology to provide an unprecedented view of 14 masterpieces. Details previously imperceptible to the human eye are now revealed in all their glory. The Descent from the Cross by Roger van der Weyden, The 3rd of May by Goya and Artemisia by Rembrandt are just some of the paintings that have been photographed and can now be admired on this platform. If you are interested in learning more about the unique experiences offered by BBVA in Switzerland, contact your adviser.