BBVA in Switzerland improves its electronic banking, including a trading module

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BBVA in Switzerland, Investment / 12 June, 2021
BBVA in Switzerland improves its electronic banking, including a trading module

Andrés Sevilla Digital Sales Manager

After more than a year of testing, BBVA in Switzerland launches today, June 7, a new e-banking system, more modern, intuitive and complete.

One of the main features of the new e-banking is the incorporation of a new trading module, where the clients will be able to trade stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. This is a first in the Swiss banking industry.  Another great innovation in the Swiss banking industry and probably worldwide is the addition of the new module for trading cryptocurrencies, which will be available to all customers from June 21st.

This cryptocurrency trading module has been in a “Beta” phase since last January. A small group of clients, including several employees, have been testing all the functionalities to ensure maximum security, while incorporating the latest technologies in cryptocurrency trading. In its initial phase it will be possible to buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin. And in the coming months new cryptocurrencies will be added to the offer.

In addition, we are including a new section with market information and a new module for transfers. All this with a new, fresher, more modern and intuitive design. So that every operation with BBVA in Switzerland is increasingly comfortable and simple.

At BBVA, we work every day to ensure that our clients are provided with the best of experiences.

These are, in summary, the most important new features that we have incorporated in the launch of the new electronic banking:

  • A New user interface, which gives the platform a fresher and more modern look.
  • New cryptocurrency module: buy, sell, and transfer Bitcoin (we will soon be including more cryptocurrencies to our offering).
  • New trading module: easily buy and sell shares, ETFs, and investment funds from all over the world.
  • Market information: stay up to date with what is going on in the markets, by accessing prices of shares, indices, currencies and ETFs.
  • Fully renewed payments module: making money transfers has never been easier and more intuitive.

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