Autonomous Cars: An Industry with a Lot of Debate

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Mobility, Self-driving vehicles / 11 May, 2022
Autonomous Cars: An Industry with a Lot of Debate

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Autonomous cars or driverless cars have had a mixed receptivity since their inception. Although this technology has numerous benefits for society, it has also been involved in several traffic accidents, some of which have included fatalities, which has affected its reception.

However, robot cars continue to be a major investment trend in the automotive industry, driven by large companies involved in the matter. Some that can be mentioned are:

  • Waymo by Google
  • hyundai
  • volkswagen
  • Ford
  • porches
Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles

Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles

Since the first motor vehicles were born, the automotive industry has not stopped evolving. Let's talk about autonomous vehicles.

How prepared is society for autonomous cars?

Several surveys report a low number of users who would like to have the experience of using driverless cars. A Morning Consult survey explains that only 16% of its sample expressed interest in wanting to use autonomous cars.

This same report also reflects that 22% of the sample believe that these cars are safer than the average driver, while 35% consider that the robot cars of the automotive industry are more dangerous than the average human driver.

These statistics have changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being the bulk of autonomous cars used to deliver purchases and deliveries, zero contact with humans generated a positive change towards this technology.

What are the main concerns of users regarding the robot car?

The main barrier to this technology is society. Robot cars can raise many concerns, but one thing stands out in all the surveys: cybersecurity.

With the increase in cyber attacks around the world, users stress that one of their concerns is the security of the car from hackers, and the other is the security of the system from hackers.

Companies working with autonomous cars to consider

There is a long list of companies that are working, polishing or, in some way, related to the autonomous car industry. Some of the giants of the technology industry that can be highlighted are: Waymo, Tesla, Audi and Uber.

As for the ventures, some names that stand out thanks to the high investment collected in several rounds are:

  • Rivian
  • Cruise
  • Nuro
  • dawn
  • Zoox

The future is here, it just needs a few modifications

Certainly driverless cars can be a scary idea for some. The reasons vary between cybersecurity, possible accidents, and massive job losses; but, this does not eliminate the advantages that this technology can bring to society.

Starting with sustainability, these vehicles are expected to work with renewable energies, which represents an important change in our current behavior and, therefore, the impact generated on the planet.

In addition, they can generate a great impact in terms of traffic efficiency and, finally, their 360º vision can reduce the current number of traffic accidents.

There are many elements to be discussed between the automotive industry and the regulatory bodies on autonomous cars. However, this represents a window for the investor in which to get involved in this lucrative area that will undoubtedly be heard of more frequently in the years to come.

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