Artificial intelligence helps cybersecurity

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Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity / 1 September, 2021
Artificial intelligence helps cybersecurity

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are two closely related concepts. The first supports and improves the second in many ways. It also exists as a tool for creating new forms of cyber security; however, it can be used to innovate and improve cyber attacks carried out by cybercriminals.

These innovations in the world of cybersecurity are more necessary every day, as the world seeks to be connected to more and more devices. Hand in hand with this growth, the participation of cybercriminals who seek to commit computer crimes on a daily basis for multiple purposes such as extortion, data exposure, among others, is also increasing.

Cybersecurity: a growing industry

Cybersecurity: a growing industry

Cybercrime is on the rise, increasing the importance of cybersecurity and giving way to new investment opportunities and technological advancement.


Artificial intelligence to improve cybersecurity

Cyber ​​security faces numerous challenges every day. Among them we can highlight: intrusion detection, data that must be protected, proactive defense and new threats that arise every day.

Currently, artificial intelligence or AI for its acronym, allows better detection and analysis of possible cyber attacks. With millions of alerts per day, this form of analysis makes it possible to highlight those threats that must be addressed, as well as connecting the necessary points between them, giving analysts a better response time to them.

By identifying patterns, an AI can offer the necessary information to anticipate attacks and thus be able to have adequate decision-making in real time.

But using artificial intelligence to improve cybersecurity does not only refer to preventive or post-attack actions. The reality is that artificial intelligence can be applied in all stages of cybersecurity: protection, detection, response and recovery from incidents.

Cybercriminals and their use of artificial intelligence

The result, good or bad, of applying artificial intelligence to certain actions depends on who uses it. Currently, cybercriminals are beginning to use this tool to improve their attacks or study their victims.

By knowing the behavior patterns of their victims, this allows them to create more credible and effective campaigns, thus increasing the outcome of people affected by their actions.

In addition, well-developed artificial intelligence can facilitate multi-platform password hacking, build softwares or programs that make it difficult to detect the attack, or adapt to possible counter-attacks in real time.

New players in the game against cybercriminals

It can then be said that cybersecurity is undergoing strong changes from both sides. That is why this industry is constantly growing and its increasing importance makes it a lucrative opportunity for investors.

Investing in cybersecurity is one of the many ways that the user has to support this battle that is fought every day, and that does not seem to end anytime soon. On the contrary, the increase in interconnected devices gives greater relevance to the type of companies specialized in detecting and responding to these types of threats.

How to invest in Cybersecurity?

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