Advantages of technology as a way to facilitate tourism

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Travel technology / 10 June, 2021
Advantages of technology as a way to facilitate tourism

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Applying technological advances to developing industries has achieved a boost in them. The use of mobile phones, the internet of things, voice assistants and augmented reality are just some of the new technologies that have been adapted to this industry. What are the benefits it brings to the industry?

After years of advances, technology has managed to influence all industries that involve human beings, one of its first objectives being to facilitate and improve the user experience. One of the industries that has benefited from these advances is the tourism industry.

Technology came to improve the traveler experience and facilitate many of the steps that, in previous years, could become complicated or tedious. This makes the tourism industry an option with high growth expectations, which makes it attractive to investors who have detected an interesting evolution in this industry.

Therefore, here we present some of the advantages that technology has brought to travel and tourism.

Travel technology, a sector with a lot of potential

Travel technology, a sector with a lot of potential

Technological advances have made it possible to find cheaper airline tickets automatically, or to visit any place in the world without having to travel.

1. The world available in the palm of your hand

The mobile is a device that is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why it has become a necessity for companies to adapt their services to this format so that the user has the facility to perform as many actions as possible through it.

The tourism industry has benefited from this aspect since, by optimizing the possibilities and allowing actions through mobile phones, users have greater ease in making reservations for hotels, transportation, entertainment sites, among others.


2. The interconnection of objects

The Internet of Things or IoT, is a universe of possibilities that continues to develop every day. Its impact on the tourism industry ranges from hotels that have facilitated actions such as controlling thermostats or operating televisions from their applications, to suitcases that have a device that allows the user to know where their luggage is at all times.

However, the internet of things is not only there to facilitate the interaction of guests with their room, but also to get real-time feedback on services, design and guest experience.


3. An adventure companion

Voice assistants have become another companion on adventures that help simplify processes, as well as obtain up-to-date information. Its constant advances have resulted in the user leaning on it when choosing tourist destinations, checking reviews of the sites where they are going to stay or even making reservations directly only with their voice.


4. Teleport without leaving home

Augmented reality, also known as virtual reality, can lead the user to a completely different experience that is increasingly being used. This technology allows us to know the interior of a room or the common spaces of a hotel in a more interactive way than a simple photo. This allows hotels the ability to present themselves more attractively, which can translate into a higher conversion rate.

In addition, augmented reality can also allow the user to enjoy for a few seconds the tourist sites of the country where they are going, which influences decision-making with more information that can generate greater satisfaction.

Technology is then one of the best ways to facilitate processes that could become tedious. This facility has boosted the tourism industry and is expected to continue to evolve over the years, making it a growing industry with great appeal to investors seeking to become drivers of innovation and modernization.


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