Advances in the treatment of diseases thanks to the genome of cats

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Genome revolution, Healthcare of the future, Pets / 8 August, 2021
Advances in the treatment of diseases thanks to the genome of cats

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Technological advances have taken research into the human genome to a new level where it is claimed that the cat genome is more similar to that of humans and can make a difference by becoming the key to preventing and curing diseases.

Pets' influence on their owners' investment decisions

Pets' influence on their owners' investment decisions

Pets represent a decision variable when choosing to invest in a house, in a car, in travel, in their own care or simply in leisure activities.

After years of studies, scientists from all over the world have devoted all their efforts to an in-depth understanding of the human being and his genetic code as a way of not only preventing but curing diseases that affect the population and have no cure. This search has attracted the attention of investors looking to invest in genome as a bet on the future.

The study of the human genome opens up the possibility of answering questions that have been asked for years and, while technology has driven progress in this area, there is still a long way to go, which makes investing in the genome today a wise decision.

These studies are mostly performed on dogs, primates and rats. However, recent advances lead to the assertion that the genome of cats could be much more similar to that of humans than previously thought.

This innovative concept comes from the hand of the veterinary specialist in gatuna genetics Katherine J. Wu, who works at the University of Missouri and states that by observing both genomes, cats are considerably more similar to humans than animals that have been previously studied.

From his point of view, fully understanding the genetics of cats will allow the use of that knowledge to be applied in humans, which represents a considerable advance in understanding, preventing and curing diseases or identifying genes that may have negative consequences on people’s development.

In addition, these studies are beneficial for both species, as cats suffer from numerous diseases that humans also suffer, so finding a solution would benefit both.


Opening a new path

Correctly interpreting the genome of cats opens a new path for science to better understand and process the human genome. That is why this can be the starting point for considerable progress in genetics and health.

As an investor, it is vital to identify those industries or trends that will mark a before and after to become part of them. Investing in the genome then becomes an investment with positive prospects as the constant advances continue to position this field of study at the forefront and constantly highlight the benefits that could come from continuing research on the basis of all being, its genome.

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