8 Recommended readings for 2019

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Culture / 21 December, 2018


Below we present a selection of eight recommended readings for the year 2019, carefully selected by the team that makes up BBVA in Switzerland. Happy reading Dollars and Sense. How We misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter, by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler. recommended - readings - 2018 On this occasion he plunges into the passionate matter of people's relationship with money and how our cognitive limitations lead us to make systematic errors and use irrational mental "shortcuts". In this book, the authors provide many examples and offer the keys to help us improve our irrational behaviour, or at least to be aware of it. The book's dedication is very descriptive: "To Money. For the wonderful things you do for us, the terrible things you do to us, and all the grey matter in between”. The Investor's Brain. How Neuroscience Can Help You Optimise Your Stock Market Decisions, by Pedro Bermejo. recommended - readings - 2019 Pedro Bermejo has a degree in Medicine, specialising in Neurology. He has a doctorate in Neuroscience from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), and a masters in the same subject from the Pablo de Olavide University. He is professor of Neuromarketing at EUDE Business School in Madrid and President of the Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics (ASOCENE). According to the author, making irrational investment decisions can be explained by our ancestors and how their brains developed in order to survive in a hostile environment and not to invest in financial markets. This can explain why we buy shares when the market price is high (we follow the "herd") and we sell when the market price is low (we are afraid and run away as fast as we can). 21 Lessons for the 21th Century. Yuval Noah Harari recommended - readings - 2019   Yuval Noah is a great visionary and scholar of the origin of Humanity as well as the impact of religions on current geopolitical compositions. Author of Homo Sapiens and Homo Deus, with this new work you visualize perfectly where we are headed in the coming years and its consequences. He questions such important issues as the privacy of the individual for the benefit of the community or the interaction of the human being in the Modern State that begins a clear decomposition. The very hungry little caterpillar, by Eric Carle recommended readings 2019 This simple tale of a caterpillar that eats lots of different fruit and vegetables, is one of the most popular children's books in the world. It has been translated into over 40 languages and millions of youngsters have gone from page to page, time after time, to see how a small caterpillar keeps eating and growing until it becomes a beautiful butterfly. Amaze the kids with the story of this colourful character. This amusing tale of the very hungry caterpillar comes in hundreds of different versions, including bath books, pop-ups, 3D, simple text, etc. Choose the one you like best and keep the family entertained. The Forest Knows Your Name, by Alaitz Leceaga recommended readings 2019 This is Alaitz Leceaga's first novel and judging by the reception, critical acclaim and sales it has obtained, it won't be her last. The women in this family saga, and a forest at the foot of the cold and stormy Cantabrian Sea, are the main protagonists of this story, which successfully combines the real with the magical. A secret that is passed down only to the women in the family, generation after generation, and which gives them an aura of magic and power. We live this story through the Marquess's daughters. Like all good magical tales, it involves a curse and this one has been put upon one of the two sisters in the family, do you want to know which one? A novel in which you can watch the characters and their lives develop, along with their relationship to the historical events of the time, which takes place at such a pace that you won't be able to put this book down until you've finished it. A story that takes you into a world of both reality and fantasy, and which will capture you like the mystery that guards the forest. Beyond the Map, by Alastair Bonnett recommended readings 2019   Bonnet warns us that his book is not a travel guide. He writes about places that do not appear in globetrotters' blogs or in photos of places with the most Instagram likes. In a globalised and apparently invaded and conquered world, he uncovers new territories practically unknown to humankind, such as islands where strangers are not welcome, bunkers containing art treasures and cigar collections, states founded and declared on arms platforms in the middle of the ocean, and a sea brimming with life which in less than one century has now become a desert. And much more. As you read it, you'll begin to doubt that the places described really exist. At the start of the book, all of these, except the mobile islands, have a set of coordinates that give the precise location of where you can find them. All you have to do is pick up your phone, open Google Maps and zoom in on where they are. Swing Time, by Zadie Smith recommended readings 2019   Swing Time takes place over a quarter of a century, and starts with the friendship between two working-class London girls at their dance class. The story of their relationship is told with jumps in time. A friendship in which the power relations between them mark the course of their lives, their decisions and even their fears. It shows how power relations can help some to shine, while putting others in the shadow.  The book is dedicated to Smith's mother, and the relationship of the narrator of this book with her mother is also one of its central themes. A book with a story that will move you to the rhythm of dance, friendship, gender, race, social conscience, talent, memories and commitments. One up on Wall Street, by Peter Lynch. recommended readings 2019   In the book he explains, through his own experience, how to identify good businesses and transmits his faith in investing long term in equities, through a portfolio of quality shares, acquired at a good price; which is one of the principles of 'value investing'. It is suitable for all those who are not already experts in finance.