5G network accelerates deployment worldwide

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5G Technology, Gaming and eSports, New technologies / 6 July, 2022
5G network accelerates deployment worldwide

Karla García Gil Journalist

The deployment of 5G networks continues around the world, with an increasingly accelerated adoption rate. This type of technology has arrived to make our lives easier in different aspects. One of its main applications is in mobile telephony, as it allows providing connectivity to a large number of devices, in addition to reducing latency and increasing download speed. In fact, the cell phone is the most used device to play video games, since the 5G connection allows the user to have a better experience.

This year is expected to exceed 1.2 billion 5G network subscriptions. According to “The Ericsson Mobility Report”, most of them (897 million) will take place in Asia-Pacific, while in North America there will be around 163 million, in Europe 81 million and Latin America will be added with about 35 million.

In global terms, the estimated number of subscriptions would double by 2024 (2,366 million) and reach 4,390 million by 2027.

5G technology, an industry called to change the world

5G technology, an industry called to change the world

The 5G generation is expected to generate a worldwide economic value of 12.3 billion dollars by 2035, which represents an important field of action for investors.

Leading companies

Among the main companies that are helping the development of 5G technology are the following:

Qualcomm Inc – Manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications products and services. It is recognized for developing processors, software and charging products. The company’s revenue reached $33.6 billion in 2021.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Dedicated to the development of computer processors. In 2021 its revenues amounted to 16.4 billion dollars.

Nvidia – Specializes in the design of processors, chips and graphics processing units (GPUs) for both the professional and gaming markets. In fiscal 2021, its revenues totaled $16.68 billion.

Skyworks Solutions – Engaged in the manufacture of semiconductors for use in radio frequency and mobile communications systems. During 2021, its revenues amounted to 5.51 billion dollars.

F5 Networks – Specialized in technology for the delivery, security, performance and availability of web applications, as well as the availability of servers, cloud resources and data storage devices. It closed 2020 with 2,350 million dollars.

Undoubtedly, investing in 5G networks is an excellent opportunity for the future, where this technology will be increasingly immersed in our daily and even not so daily activities. It is expected to be an industry of exponential and unstoppable growth.

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