5 tips to reduce energy consumption during the summer

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Energy saving technology, Healthy life, Renewable energy / 13 July, 2022
5 tips to reduce energy consumption during the summer

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Electricity costs continue to rise almost everywhere in the world and the arrival of summer may mean higher energy consumption than expected. The reasons why many seek ways to save energy range from rising electricity costs to the intention of contributing to the planet and reducing environmental impact.

Therefore, here are five tips that will help reduce your energy consumption this summer.

How to Invest to Save Electrical Power and Get Performance on the Road

How to Invest to Save Electrical Power and Get Performance on the Road

The saving of electrical energy, both individual and business, represents an important point in industrial costs and environmental impact. Therefore, targeting socially responsible investments to services or enterprises that result in energy efficiency can bring a good economic result and a good environmental impact.

1. Air-conditioning

Although on days with high temperatures air conditioning can be the best ally, for energy consumption it is not. The ideal temperature to maintain a level of comfort and not affect your electricity bill would be 22ºC. Another important aspect is to remember that these devices require adequate maintenance so as not to work more than necessary.

2. Fridge or refrigerator

The use of the fridge or refrigerator is vital. What can be optimized around this appliance are precise actions, such as eliminating frost that can make it require more work to keep food cold, or avoiding keeping the doors open for a considerable time, which will result in an increased energy consumption needed to maintain the internal temperature.

Also, having a space between the rear wall and the refrigerator will allow for more airflow which will increase the productivity of the refrigerator. Another way to save energy is to go for energy efficient or energy efficient appliances.

3. Electric equipment

Although the main electrical equipment that most impacts energy costs in homes are the refrigerator, air conditioners and washers/dryers; small appliances or electrical equipment outside the kitchen should also be taken into account.

Turning off some of this equipment when not in use is a step that will allow you to significantly lower your final cost of electricity. These include coffee makers, water heaters, televisions, among others.

4. Washers/Dryers

In the case of these great allies to daily life, you should make the most of each wash, using the maximum laundry load to carry out fewer washes.

As for the use of a dryer, if there is a space to take advantage of sunlight, the best decision is to do so since a high percentage of electricity consumption comes from these two devices.

5. Change light bulbs

Making the decision to use energy-saving light bulbs or LEDs can also generate a decrease in energy use, always remembering to turn them off when they are not being used.

Energy saving now is not only for the planet

The efficient consumption of electricity has become an issue of great importance for many citizens whose lives have been impacted by the increase in electricity costs, a problem that has intensified considerably over the months and has led governments to establish subsidies that help the common citizen.

For this reason, energy saving to reduce the environmental impact took a backseat in some countries, giving prominence to energy saving to reduce the final cost of the service.

Do you know other ways to reduce electricity consumption?

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