5 examples of technology in medicine

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Healthcare of the future, Healthy life / 11 May, 2022
5 examples of technology in medicine

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The increased use of technology in daily life has led society to seek new ways to implement technological advances in different industries such as medicine, in order not only to improve the care that each patient receives, but also to provide more personalized care. and increase the chance of saving lives.

This application of technology in medicine has given way to a revolution in the industry, with new ways of treating, monitoring and storing patient information. This has made it a target of interest for investors seeking to boost the branch of medicine through technological advances.

Therefore, here are 5 technologies that are revolutionizing health care worldwide and that are gaining more attention from investors:

Benefits from robotics applied to medicine

Benefits from robotics applied to medicine

In recent years, robotics applied to medicine has made great progress. There are several medical specialities, especially surgical ones, which have benefited from the use of increasingly precise robots with greater possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of several diseases.

Internet of Medical Things

The popular Internet of Things, or IoT for its acronym in English, seeks to connect human beings with devices that facilitate and improve their daily lives. The recent trend of the internet of medical things seeks to connect medical devices to the internet in order to process and transfer information about patients with the corresponding personnel.

Currently, some of the devices or elements within the medical environment that have internal technology to transmit information or even take action if necessary are:

  • Glucose monitors
  • Smart pills
  • Inhalers
  • Drones created to deliver medicine
  • Wearables

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

This monitoring refers to maintaining a supervision of the patient’s health outside conventional environments, such as clinics and hospitals. To achieve this, it uses many of the devices mentioned above and paves the way to lower medical costs, take better care of the health of patients and take quick action in the moment if necessary.


Although telemedicine has been available for a long time, the pandemic boosted its use worldwide, which meant the opening of a long list of innovations in the area.

In countries like Spain, a Capterra survey reflects how the use of telemedicine increased considerably during 2021 and 2022, becoming a new trend to take into account when investing.

Big Data

The constant technological advances regarding the management and processing of large amounts of data have led Big data to be applied in the field of medicine as a way to determine patterns and better treatments for certain diseases.

In addition, it can be applied in the administrative field of clinics and hospitals and at the government level in order to obtain an accurate analysis of a large amount of data.

Digital Organ Replica

Digital replicas of organs are intended as a way to give doctors the possibility of providing better alternatives or solutions to certain conditions, in addition to motivating the study of certain pathologies without putting human beings at risk or even reducing the need for animal experimentation.

Invest in technological advances focused on health

The new uses that are given to these technological advances can break barriers in the health industry and, therefore, have become an important asset in the investment portfolio of many. With the aim of bringing you the trends that will set the tone in the future, BBVA New Gen brings together the options to invest in trends of interest worldwide.

Health is important today and always. Invest in health, invest in your future!

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