5 circular economy companies that are making a better world

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Circular economy, Climate change / 13 June, 2022
5 circular economy companies that are making a better world

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The recycling and reuse of materials is a key aspect on the way to reduce the environmental impact and minimize its consequences on the population. From this importance, the popular circular economy is born, which seeks to create processes that allow recycling as a way to reduce pollution and protect the planet.

Although this term has been used for years, it has become a strong tool against environmental impact, which has generated a significant boost in the level of investment.

In view of the attention this topic has generated from investors, both new and experienced, we will highlight here 5 companies that are setting the standard in the circular economy.

Circular economy as a strategy for sustainability

Circular economy as a strategy for sustainability

Learn about the benefits of the circular economy and why it is ideal to invest in the creation of a sustainable and eco-friendly economic system.

– Waste Connections

This company specialized in recycling and reuse of materials was founded in 1997 and, since then, they have been innovating in ways of treating solid waste that allow the optimal reuse of materials.

Waste Connections is also dedicated to both residential and industrial tasks, which makes it easy to dispose of waste in a smart way.

– ADS Pipe

With a commitment to sustainability, ADS Pipe has dedicated its history to sustainable solutions regarding water resources, taking care of the use of recyclable plastics and solving water management problems in communities around the world.

ADS Pipe is also involved in protecting environments such as aquifers within the United States and is constantly innovating to improve material reuse processes.

– GFL Environmental

Founded in 2007, GFL Environmental reaches the financial market with one goal: to provide sustainable solutions in terms of services such as waste management, recycling, drainage trucks, among others.

They work under the belief that offering accessible services will motivate greater environmental responsibility on the part of the communities and they stand out for working with solid and mixed waste.

– United Utilities Group

Located in England, United Utilities has 27 years of experience in the water and waste management market. Its values ​​are focused on providing high quality water and offering its customers tools to save on their consumption.

– Republic Services

This company has more than 14 million customers in the United States and its goal is caring for the planet through proper waste management to minimize pollution and environmental impact not only limited to today, but to future generations.

By encouraging proper recycling, Republic Services ensures that this waste does not reach lakes or landfills that generate high pollution.

Circular economy: industries united for a greener tomorrow

These 5 companies (and many others in the circular economy field) have a common goal: to reduce the environmental impact on the planet and this goal continues to become more popular every year.

That is why it has become an excellent investment opportunity for those who seek to invest their financial capital in companies that are aligned with environmental conservation, sustainability and protection of the planet.

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