4 of the most outstanding companies to invest in robotics during this 2022

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New technologies, Robotics / 16 January, 2022

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

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After years of research, robotics is now part of the daily life of human beings and its impact has resulted in greater comfort in everyday life, as well as advances at industrial levels that have accelerated the production of many vital objects for society. . This is one of the many reasons why the robotics industry is one of the most attractive to invest in in 2022, but what are the best specific companies to invest your financial capital in?

Bloomberg has an extensive list of possibilities, of which four options to consider if your interest is robotics will be highlighted in this article.

Robotics at home: examples of robots designed to support us at home

Robotics at home: examples of robots designed to support us at home

Technology advances by long strides and robots come into our day to day to support and accelerate household tasks. Here are some examples of robotics for the home covering cleaning, cooking and outdoor maintenance.

Qualcomm Inc.

This North American company was founded in 1985 and specializes in innovating technologies focused on how the world connects and communicates. In addition, they have patents that are vital for the development of 5G technology and they were the developers of CDMA technology, which paved the way for the development of 3G, 4G and 5G technology.


With more than 60 years in the technology market, Teradyne plays an important role in the technology industry, providing advances that allow a higher volume of production with better quality. They have numerous applications such as industrial automation, semiconductor testing, wireless testing, storage testing, production board testing, motion control software, defense, and aerospace.

Rockwell Automation

This company is one of those with the longest history in the market, being founded in 1903 in Milwaukee. Rockwell Automation laid the foundation for many technologies used today such as the compression rheostat, whose primary function is to control the speed of electric motors. Over the years, they have revolutionized many areas through inventions that have facilitated processes in many areas of the technology industry.

Kion Group

One of the pillars in including state-of-the-art technology in the multiple supply chains that society needs to function properly is Kion Group, who, although they were founded recently, in 2006 to be exact, already have more than 39,000 employees and their solutions have reached more than 100 countries worldwide. This conglomerate has brands such as Linde, Still, Dematic, Baoli, Fenwick and OM, whose history is considerably broad, making their combined experience an invaluable resource for industries.

Robotics and its vital role in industries

Over the years, these companies have positioned themselves as pillars of all industries and their technological developments have revolutionized the way millions of companies work, as well as laying the foundation for many of the processes and technologies that are used today.

Investing in robotics is, then, investing in innovation and BBVA New Gen has been in charge of connecting investors with leading companies in different industries.


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