3D printing, a growing investment trend

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3d printing, New technologies / 17 January, 2022
3D printing, a growing investment trend

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

One of the technologies whose evolution has drawn the attention of all industries is 3D printing. After years of progress, it has been possible to show how it can improve the production processes of many products that are used in all industries, as well as facilitating and, at the same time, motivating the investigation of new applicable uses of this technology.

3D printing can be defined as the transformation of a CAD model to a 3D model, which in itself is a fairly broad statement that can be applied to any industry and that alone reflects why 3D printing has become an investment trend.

Today, this technology can be seen in medical, construction, technology, automotive, mechanical, and many other industries. This is because the advantages generated by 3D printing for industries have a great weight within them.

3D printing revolutionizes the field of medicine and breaks new ground

3D printing revolutionizes the field of medicine and breaks new ground

After becoming considerably popular, 3D printing has driven the evolution of numerous aspects such as medicine, which is already in constant change and now, unknown paths opened by 3D printing remain to be traversed.

What general advantages does 3D printing offer to companies?


3D printing technology is much faster than traditional technology, which allows a greater production of parts while maintaining the necessary quality.


The use of different materials and the need for fewer personnel positively affect the cost aspect, opening the possibility of creating more accessible products with the expected quality.


3D printers have the ability to be flexible in what they can do. A few small changes can completely change the outcome without having to make major physical or mechanical changes within the factories. Thanks to this, companies can diversify their product offering at a lower cost.


One of the strengths of 3D printing is its contribution to a more sustainable life. Its environmental impact is much lower compared to other machinery, which has become a key point for which large companies are changing the use of large machinery for 3D printers.


The aspect that has attracted the most attention of 3D printing is the possibilities it offers at the level of research in all industries. Reducing costs, increasing speed and its flexibility have led to it being one of the preferred technologies when studying, researching and commercializing advances that can considerably improve the daily life of human beings.

3D printing, a growing investment trend

These 5 advantages of 3D printing have made it an investment trend over the years. Its impact on industries such as health has drawn the attention of investors who seek to stay at the forefront of new technologies and how their application can mean a change in people’s lives.

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How to invest in 3d printing?

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