Take advantage of Samsung Pay as a digital payment

From now on, you only need your mobile or your smartwatch to complete your purchases. Your wallet stays at home. With Samsung Pay, you can use the BBVA in Switzerland credit cards at any establishment that accepts contactless payments anywhere in the world. All digitally, to make your payments even more secure and convenient.

The evolution of the payment methods

The new reality arising from Covid-19 has impacted the whole of society. For example, in many countries the new normal involves wearing a mask in public places and keeping a social distance. The way we pay for products or services has also been affected by the pandemic: many establishments began to recommend payment through electronic means, whether by card, digital applications or using contactless payment systems such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Educational opportunities from home

In the last months, many people around the world have been forced to work from home. The “stay at home” phenomenon has given people the opportunity to organise their time between work and leisure in a way they could not do before, because of their day-to-day pace of activities. For many, this period at home has also become an opportunity for educating themselves.

Introducing the online request service for account opening

Video identification and digital signatures are more necessary than ever in this new normal. In the wake of the social distancing measures introduced to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, BBVA Switzerland has become closer to customers and is using technology to digitise the process for opening accounts.

Benefits from robotics applied to medicine

In recent years, robotics applied to medicine has made great progress. There are several medical specialities, especially surgical ones, which have benefited from the use of increasingly precise robots with greater possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of several diseases.

Humans and robots increase business productivity when they work together

Greater business productivity is achieved when robots are programmed to work in tandem with humans, rather than replacing them.

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

The flow of personal data generated by these new technologies may leave our privacy exposed, meaning the concept of cybersecurity is increasingly critical.

5 latest-generation tech products that you can’t do without

Just like BBVA provides you with the best financial solutions, this article will showcase the best latest-generation tech products to be found on the market.

The importance of big data

In one single minute, we are generating 1.8 terabytes of files in the cloud, 11 million instant messages and over 160 million emails

How 5G Promises to Change the World

Mobile banking is the third most downloaded app

For almost 3,000 years we have known about the existence of money and its main properties, and yet it is only now that one of its main characteristics, its functionality as a means to pay in cash, is beginning to gradually fade out in light of digitalisation and mobile banking apps.

Is technology a profitable investment?

The digital population growth is a condition that will define the world, not only in business, but in politics and investment. The changes in the generations and the access that each of these had to technology defines the financial scenario and the form that the growth dynamics will take on a global level.

Keys to the development of smart cities

The world faces multiple global challenges. From sustainable development of smart cities to democratization, there are many unique opened questions related to the future of humanity specially related to the global urbanization and its infrastructure.

What benefits does artificial intelligence have for the investor?

Artificial Intelligence is making strides as a disruptive element in many areas of our daily lives, or at least, as a tool that simplifies and improves many of our habitual processes. We analyze what benefits this impressive technology has for the investor.

BBVA Switzerland, never logging to mobile banking was safer

All BBVA Switzerland customers will be able to use the new BBVA Switzerland Access Key, a modern and secure means of logging on to e-banking and mobile banking services.

The best financial advice at the click of a finger

Nowadays, customers decide when and how they want to receive the best financial advice. That’s why we’ve developed two tools to enable them to take control of their decisions, comfortably from their own homes and at the click of a finger.

Artificial intelligence: what is and how we face it

We speak of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) when we refer to those machines or devices that are equipped with an intelligence similar to that of human beings. This term was used for the first time by the computer expert John McCarthy in 1956 and, despite the earliness of the announcement and the time that has passed, it is still not very common to find in our current environment.

New portfolio summary for clients of BBVA in Switzerland

From March onwards BBVA in Switzerland clients will have a new and improved portfolio summary and appraisal at their disposal. Our aim is to place the Bank in our clients’ hands and this implies understanding what they need; this initiative is a clear example of this.

User guide for digital signature

This briefly user guide will help you to complete all steps to get a digital signature in your documents with BBVA in Switzerland.

What does a company need in order to be successful in this new digital environment?

The keys a company needs to be successful in the digital environment: raw material—data—and the other two are human factors—intelligence and innovation. Article written by Elena Alfaro, Head of Customer Solutions Analytics & Open Innovation, and Juan Murillo, Head of Analytics Dissemination and Data for Social Good at BBVA Data & Analytics.

Fintech trends for 2018

2018 will be a year of consolidations and technologies trends. Retail stock exchange investment will be a widespread practice; purely online banking will be something that more and more citizens think about, and emerging companies will continue to use cryptocurrency, especially in the ethereum network, to raise funds, as well as other altcoins or alternative digital currencies.

User guide for mobile banking App

This guide will quickly and safely help you to carry on with the installation, in order to have our bank in your hands.

New mobile App for BBVA in Switzerland

The mobile App from BBVA in Switzerland is the materialization of our dedication to making technology available to our clients. We welcome you to mobile banking.

BBVA, the first private bank in Switzerland to offer its clients the digital signature service

BBVA in Switzerland has just become the first private financial institution in the country to offer its clients the digital signature service, which facilitates the management and signing of documents and provides an improved customer experience.

Cryptocurrencies: benefits and risks of virtual currencies

2017 has been the year of cryptocurrencies: More than 300 new virtual currencies have been created.

Bringing their total to over 900. In other words, the number of virtual currencies in the world more than triples the number of conventional, state-issued currencies, which according to the UN currently stand at 180.

The future of banking

If we asked someone aged 40 to 50 which technological changes had marked their childhood and youth, they would say the arrival of colour TV, the Walkman and later on CD’s were the great changes. These changes seem distant; what is more, a person from another generation would not even know what we are talking about, but these were the early days of digitisation.

e-Banking: The customer experience

Last Friday, the Business Development team presented to the entire Bank the Digital Projects Agenda that it is developing in co-ordination with other teams taking part in the transformation at BBVA in Switzerland. Their ongoing projects include nine innovative proposals that are going to enable us to improve the experience we offer our clients by […]

New e-Banking in BBVA Switzerland

The last October 16th, clients from BBVA in Switzerland are benefiting from the new online banking services, more exclusive and modern, that will accompany them on a daily basis for financial decision-making. The new e-Banking has been designed with the purpose to give our customers a swifter and easier tool, with a simple and intuitive […]

User guide for e-Banking

Data: Cornerstone of our digital present

Because when we talk about the present, we refer to the immediate future, to what is already happening, to what is inevitable and to what undoubtedly will decide the fate of any business that wants to tackle a customer-oriented digital transformation.