What does ‘Global Industrial Classification Standard’ mean?

Is Tesla a technology company? Or is it a car assembly company? Is Philip Morris a staple consumer goods company or a discretionary goods one? Are MasterCard and Visa in the same sector as JPMorgan and Citigroup, or do they belong with the group of companies like Apple and Microsoft? What sectors do Twitter, Google and Walt Disney belong to? The answers are at the end of the article.

How to invest in currencies

In a context of predictably very low long-term returns on the main assets (both financial and non-financial), many investors are turning their attention to currencies as an additional source of profitability or an opportunity to diversify their investments. But how is the best way to invest in currencies?

Five top advantages of the discretionary mandate for investors

There is a very large universe of portfolios and investing options at the moment. But there are major economic imbalances as well, so it is vital to ensure that your investments are managed efficiently. Here are five top advantages of the discretionary mandate for investors.

Which portfolios should an investor buy right now?

At the moment, there is a large universe of portfolios and investing options and a major economic imbalances as well, so which portfolios should an investor buy right now? Nowadays, it is vital to ensure that your investments are managed efficiently.

Follow up with the market news online

The new Markets section is accessible from the homepage of With a single click, you can access a complete panel of shares, stock indices, currencies and major market movements.

Commodities performance during 2020 second quarter

The second quarter has seen a strong performance by commodities.

Since the market shock in February and March triggered by two black swan events – the Covid-19 and oil crises – the asset has rebounded vigorously.

Below we compare the performance of the main commodities, the reasons for the price increases and their possible future behaviour.

Professional management of your investments

What is discretional mandate?
Discretional mandate is an investment service characteristic of Private Banking, by which the clients delegate all or part of their assets to a team of professionals. This team then manages their assets within a certain framework of action and with a specific of risk and investment objective.

How to invest in uncertain times

The first thing is to try to remain calm and not get carried away by your emotions in these volatile and complicated times, which will probably continue to condition the behaviour of the markets in the coming months.

Is gold a good safe haven?

The first asset we think about when it comes to protecting our wealth, in a situation where the economy has entered a recession and the central banks are flooding the markets with liquidity, is usually gold.

Medium-term value of US investment-grade corporate bonds

As a consequence of the global economic slowdown deriving from the COVID-19 outbreak, the main central banks have set their rates back to 0% or negative; and they are promising to leave them at this level in the coming years to support the sustainable recovery of economic growth.

Analysis of the fall in the price of oil

The price of West Texas Intermediate crude, closed last 19th April 2020 at – $ 37.63, something that seemed impossible. It has never closed negative at maturity before. The Price on the spot contract was also negative, due to the lack of storage

The importance of liquidity in fixed income vehicles

One of the most important decisions we must make when implementing our vision in an investment portfolio is to choose between traditional mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, better known as ETFs.

Risks of investing in gold in times of crisis

Gold is considered by many investors to be the perfect safe-haven asset during an economic recession or crises

Investment in fixed income against Coronavirus

The worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) in recent weeks has led to strong movements in the fixed-income markets. The possible impact of the new virus on the world economy (its precise dimensions are still unknown) and a marked drop in oil prices (caused by the announced increase in production by Saudi Arabia) have pushed investors to take refuge in developed government bonds instead of high-yield corporate bonds; the latter are more sensitive to the economic cycle and registered price drops of around 10% in the last two weeks.

Commodities as an investment alternative

The commodities market is probably one the least known and most unpredictable for the majority of investors.

Is there an opportunity with equities?

Only last summer did we mention, with a hint of irony, the “imminent collapse of equities” based on a deluge of headlines and news that pointed to an impending market correction.

Consequences for investors of monetary policies

After the Great Recession (2008-2009) until now, the main central banks have established ultra-expansionary monetary policies to combat the extreme de-inflationary pressures resulting from excessive economic indebtedness , the fall in labor force growth (demography) and technological progress.

United States consumer confidence as a leading indicator of recessions

In the last 50 years, the United States economy has suffered a total of seven recessions. Each of them was preceded by a drop in consumer confidence in the world’s largest economy, specifically of the indicator’s one-year moving average.

In the current environment, should I sell or keep my investments?

It is not surprising that this climate generates doubts or reflections, and this question seems valid: Should I keep my investments or should I sell and leave? In reality, there is no simple answer since there are nuances and opportunity costs that imply different responses depending on the investment profile.

The importance of diversification in debt environments

On 23 September 2019, the world’s oldest travel agency, Thomas Cook, announced that it had ceased trading and the company went into liquidation. We’ve recently seen similar cases with Sears and Toys “R” Us. The high cost of financing in debt environments reminds us of the importance diversification has for investors. There are usually many […]

How to invest in dollar fixed-income today, with an eye to the future

On this occasion we would like to analyze the possibility of investing, with an eye to the future, to take advantage of forthcoming opportunities in dollar fixed-income.

Protect the profitability: discover why our clients come first

We present a success story. Find out how our fixed income portfolio managers – with our clients as the main focus – made the best financial decisions to protect the profitability on their portfolios.

Oil and geopolitical risk

Geopolitical risk increases affecting the price of certain commodities in the short term, although its long-term influence, is very low we do not advise basing investments on it.

Are we facing the imminent collapse of equities?

We are actually reading, in websites specialised in financial activity, about the imminent collapse of the equity indices or the divergence between the macroeconomic situation and the U.S. indices, which are close to record highs. What future is there for equities?

Structured products linked to interest rates

Range accruals are undoubtedly among the most popular interest-rate linked structured products. They are worth looking into if you want to receive a regular interest payment above market rates, linked to changes in interest rates.

Change of trend in the price of silver

Although the price of silver may not change its trend, there could at least be an upturn that may drive the price up from the current 16 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars per ounce within a year.

Seven tips for investing successfully in a start-up (Venture Capital I)

Newly created emerging companies, start-ups are a vital part of value creation in the economy and make a positive contribution to society.

The Federal Reserve facing the loss of economic dynamism

Preliminary US activity indicators point to this loss of economic dynamism in the U.S. occurring in the second half of the year.

How to invest in different currencies

Private Banking clients are increasingly more interested in investing in different currencies. Structured products offer solutions to materialise this type of investment idea.

Central Banks are the major players

Valuations of risk assets are very tight so the return depends more than ever on the Central Banks.