Mobile banking is the third most downloaded app

For almost 3,000 years we have known about the existence of money and its main properties, and yet it is only now that one of its main characteristics, its functionality as a means to pay in cash, is beginning to gradually fade out in light of digitalisation and mobile banking apps.

Is technology a profitable investment?

The digital population growth is a condition that will define the world, not only in business, but in politics and investment. The changes in the generations and the access that each of these had to technology defines the financial scenario and the form that the growth dynamics will take on a global level.

What does a company need in order to be successful in this new digital environment?

The keys a company needs to be successful in the digital environment: raw material—data—and the other two are human factors—intelligence and innovation. Article written by Elena Alfaro, Head of Customer Solutions Analytics & Open Innovation, and Juan Murillo, Head of Analytics Dissemination and Data for Social Good at BBVA Data & Analytics.

Fintech trends for 2018

2018 will be a year of consolidations and technologies trends. Retail stock exchange investment will be a widespread practice; purely online banking will be something that more and more citizens think about, and emerging companies will continue to use cryptocurrency, especially in the ethereum network, to raise funds, as well as other altcoins or alternative digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies: benefits and risks of virtual currencies

2017 has been the year of cryptocurrencies: More than 300 new virtual currencies have been created.

Bringing their total to over 900. In other words, the number of virtual currencies in the world more than triples the number of conventional, state-issued currencies, which according to the UN currently stand at 180.

The future of banking

If we asked someone aged 40 to 50 which technological changes had marked their childhood and youth, they would say the arrival of colour TV, the Walkman and later on CD’s were the great changes. These changes seem distant; what is more, a person from another generation would not even know what we are talking about, but these were the early days of digitisation.

Derek White: What does the future of banking look like?

Mr. Derek White, BBVA Global Head of Customer Solutions, recently published an article about the future of the banking industry and the impact of technology for adding value to our customers. Most of our customers worldwide tell us that their biggest concern is money and the way they manage it in order to achieve a […]