Bonds and loans to finance green technologies

Green technologies, such as renewable energies, energy efficiency and electric vehicles, can help to reduce the impact of human action on climate change. In 2007, the European Investment Bank issued the world’s first green bonds aimed at financing and developing these technologies. In Spain, BBVA signed its first green loan in 2017, worth 500 million euros.

The peculiar year for equity

This has obviously been a peculiar year, with differentiated movements; equities have been range-bound in the US, but sustained sharp corrections in other markets.

Is it good for the stock market to lower unemployment?

The immediate answer could be that a low unemployment rate is good for the stock market.

In the last few years, the unemployment rate has registered a marked decrease in the main geographical areas and has reached historical lows. One of the questions arising from these circumstances refers to the impact of these employment rates on equity performance.

The effects of a strong dollar on the economy

During May and June we have seen a major appreciation in the USD, US Dollar, in relation to the rest of the global currencies, especially with respect to certain emerging countries’ currencies, such as the Argentine peso and the Turkish lira.

How to invest in capital protected structured products?

Structured products are interesting investment solutions that help us build an investment vehicle that exactly matches our needs from combinations of different financial assets (fixed income, equities, derivatives, etc.) Its flexibility allows us to choose the term of the investment, the underlying assets, the currency, and of course, the level of risk that we want to assume, even delimiting the capital guarantee. Learn with the financial formation of BBVA in Switzerland, how to invest in funds protecting capital.

Next steps in the Eurozone’s monetary policy

The European Central Bank’s recent meeting and its decision not to raise rates until the summer of 2019 is an excellent opportunity to perform an analysis on the next steps in the Eurozone’s monetary policy.

How do I protect my family against contingencies?

Potential family and business risks can be detected with good wealth planning, in order to protect our family against contingencies. However, without planning, structuring and organizing, we will not achieve such protection.

Are gold mining stocks an opportunity?

Historically the performance of gold mining share prices following periods in which the price to earnings paid by the American stock exchange was, statistically speaking, very high, has been excellent and a opportunity as we are going to analyse below.

The importance of US interest rates

Over the last two years, we have witnessed interest rate increases by the US Central Bank (Fed), from the levels of 0% a few years ago, to the current 1.75%. This rise of 1.75% has occurred at a lower rate than in previous periods, which may have caused us to be unaware of its importance and its influence on the global economy.

Impact of official rates on long-term treasury bonds

Investors usually believe that buying long-term US treasury bonds during a period of official rate hikes by the Federal Reserve is an unsuitable alternative. However, this supposition may not be completely true. Financial education with BBVA in Switzerland.

Investing in Classic Cars (II): Six Milestones in the History of Automotive Manufacturing

The world of collectible investing continues to boom, with classic cars in particular enjoying an excellent moment because of their international appeal and  cumulative returns (+362% in the last decade according to figures published by the consulting firm HAGI, which specialises in vintage collector cars, and the latest Wealth Report from Knight Frank).

Family businesses: Why do they survive?

Family businesses can become a source of conflict between the different members making up the it.  However, why are there businesses that have been very successful in generational change and others that have not? Discover with BBVA in Switzerland how a family protocol can contribute to success.

Solvency against risk of non-payment

U.S. treasury bonds act as safe-haven assets in circumstances such as deflationary crises, economic recession or shocks in financial markets. This is due to the fact that, at times such as these, investors in fixed income often reduce their investments in corporate bonds of low credit quality and, as such, high risk of non-payment. Instead, they prefer the maximum solvency of U.S. treasury bonds.

Consequences of the euro-dollar volatility

The low volatility during the first quarter of 2018 appears to have come to an end. A look at the euro-dollar (EURUSD) exchange rate shows a marked change in price after the first rate rise this year, in a decision taken by the FED in its last meeting on 21 March, while awaiting the definitive consolidation of the inflation data in the US.

The investor’s chief problem

“The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself”

This phrase of Benjamin Graham (considered to be the father of ‘value investing’, is without a doubt what has stuck with me for a long time and that I try to remember often.

How to invest in an economic debt environment

At present, most economies, both developed and also emerging market, are reporting excessive debt levels compared to the past. The amount of debt in the US economy, which in turn sets the pace of the world economy, stands at almost four time the wealth this country produces (measured by it gross domestic product).

Investment trends in private banking

The global economic reality has changed significantly over the past few years impacting decisively on the style and way in which investors manage their wealth.

what factors affect stock market prices?

The volatility on the stock markets produces some alarm among investors who are speculating about the causes of the falls. Many clients have called us and expressed typical concerns regarding these events. Hence, in the Markets Department at BBVA in Switzerland we feel it would be interesting to explain what factors affect stock market prices.

Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) vs. traditional sovereign bonds

In this survey we shall try to identify the main differences between traditional sovereign bonds and Treasury inflation-protected securities (or TIPS), and to do so we shall focus on the US market, although the conclusions may be extrapolated to other key markets such as Germany, the UK, etc.

How emotions affect investment decisions?

Our emotions influence our decisions. It is vital therefore that we analyse how emotions impact investment decisions, and according to our investor advice and the favourable market indicators, we can reach success when investing.

Investing in art: the traditional advice

BBVA offers its private banking clients access to the best art advisory service in the world, to help them develop their taste and passion within the most promising sectors of the art market. But, what does art advisory really entail?

Positive indicators for 2018

Joaquín García Huerga, Global Strategy Director from BBVA Asset Management, pick out from their management their forecast for economies and markets at 2018.

A world with clean energy

Different opinions exist regarding the causes of climate change: Some experts state that temperature increases are a normal part of the Earth’s cycle, whilst others interpret this phenomenon as man’s doing.

Great moment for the global growth

Jorge Sicilia, Chief Economist of BBVA Group and Managing Director of BBVA Research, explains the keys why global growth stands at its greatest moment since the last ten years and provides a regional forecast.

Demographic growth, key factor for inflation

The authorities, the various institutions and investors are surprised and wonder what is causing inflation in developed countries has remained at all-time lows since the outbreak of the crisis in 2008.

Economic fragility despite of positive figures

Most of the developed countries continue publishing positive macroeconomic figures and those reflecting growth and economic activity in particular. This could have an important effect on the trend in global financial asset prices.

Copper: world economy expansion

In the decision of whether to invest in gold or in copper, there are two very different underlying views of the future of the world economy.

Dots, points that plot our destiny

Despite Janet Yellen, the chair of the US Federal Reserve, is the most influential component in said organisation, we should never forget that she is not alone and there are other members whose vote, and often whose opinion, are equally important.

The expected trend in benchmark rates

At the end of 2015, the US Federal Reserve began official rate hikes at a much slower pace than on other occasions and with no apparent reasons for doing so, because neither inflation nor economic growth had passed thresholds for concern.

Classic Cars, An Exquisite Investment (I)

At some time in our lives, we have most certainly stopped in the street to take a serious look at a car that for some reason has caught our eye. It is often a colour, a design or simply the person driving it, which whisks us off to that imaginary world where we dream we are driving that same car or we at least have one parked in our garage.