The financing of life insurance premiums

These international insurances have a double component of savings and insurance so that the premiums paid have a return that is used in part by the insurer to guarantee the payment

Change of trend in the price of silver

Although the price of silver may not change its trend, there could at least be an upturn that may drive the price up from the current 16 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars per ounce within a year.

The Federal Reserve cuts rates for the first time in ten years

Las autoridades monetarias estadounidenses han recortado un 0,25% las tasas oficiales de la mayor economía mundial,  situando el precio del dinero en el rango 2,25% – 2,00%.

The global economic deterioration forces to lower the reference rates

The global economic downturn has once more obliged the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to change its monetary policy and begin to cut its official rates.

Seven tips for investing successfully in a start-up (Venture Capital I)

Newly created emerging companies, start-ups are a vital part of value creation in the economy and make a positive contribution to society.

Sustainable financial investment: Plastic waste treatment

Sadly, plastic debris has become frequent in marine life, where plastic is found in the stomachs of cetaceans, birds, and fish

Sustainability, energy and commitment

“Sustainable development” is a relatively new concept and was first defined in 1987, in the Brundtland Report. A report that recognised that social development was taking place at a very high cost to the environment.

Increased demand for sustainable investment solutions

We are faced with a new wave marked by sustainability. In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for socially responsible investment solutions. The notable increase in awareness of economic, social and environmental sustainability is now also being clearly reflected in customer investments.

The Federal Reserve facing the loss of economic dynamism

Preliminary US activity indicators point to this loss of economic dynamism in the U.S. occurring in the second half of the year.

The probability of recession in the US increases significantly

Based on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York index, the probability that the United States will fall into recession in the next twelve months has increased significantly.

How to invest in different currencies

Private Banking clients are increasingly more interested in investing in different currencies. Structured products offer solutions to materialise this type of investment idea.

Central Banks are the major players

Valuations of risk assets are very tight so the return depends more than ever on the Central Banks.

How do you reconcile financial investment goals with sustainable development goals?

In 2015, the UN adopted a Sustainable Development agenda setting 17 goals that consider in aggregate terms the social, economic and environmental approach that together seek to end poverty and hunger, protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity.

Is it as important to have cash as profitable investments?

Having cash available can, at certain times, be as important as making secure and profitable investments. The need for cash can be key to the future of the family’s wealth.

Invest in the current socio-economic environment

Structural changes in the socioeconomic environment cause changes in the levels of central bank rates

How can investors avoid financial repression in euros?

The European Central Bank ruled out raising official rates during 2019, a phenomenon is known as financial repression

Trends and behaviour in financial markets

This is significant when it is investors themselves who decide whether to buy or sell, sometimes compulsively, because it leads to volatility in stock markets and other financial markets.

3 Conclusions from Davos 2019

On 22 January the town of Davos-Klosters played host to the 49th edition of the Word Economic Forum.

How to release cash through changes between US Treasury bonds?

The yield offered by thirty-year US treasury bonds reduces progressively with respect to the return provided by the Fed funds rates

How do we benefit from falls in financial assets?

At BBVA in Switzerland we can provide alternatives that meet this requirement, through structured products such as ‘Twin – Win’.

The importance of diversification for investors

The debt levels of governments and companies with respect to GDP are at a record levels, something we should take into account when investing

The 3 key outcomes from the G20 summit

The Group of Twenty (or G20) is an international forum, made up of the world’s main developed and emerging economies. In total 19 countries and the European Union.

Equity market analysis and valuations

Equity market valuations are at historically very high levels, which implies that long-term yields for investors will be lower than in the past.

Investing in sovereign fixed income: traditional bonds or strips?

The difference between a strip bond and a traditional one is that a strip is a zero coupon bond, i.e. it does not pay coupons as these are included in the price. Therefore, strip they have a longer duration. For 30Y treasury bonds the duration or sensitivity to movements in interest rates is just under 20 years, while for strip bonds with the same maturity it is close to 30.

Inheritance tax: How does it affect me?

Revenues from inheritance and gift taxes have reduced over the years; from an OECD average of 1.1% of total tax revenues in 1965 down to the present 0.4%.

How do the rate hikes affect investors?

The United States Federal Reserve has implemented further rate hikes, as it has been announcing for some time. No clear indication has been given as to how far they will continue to rise, and therefore most investors think that there will be further hikes in the remaining months of 2018 and throughout 2019.

What are profitable and socially responsible bonds?

At BBVA Switzerland, we are conscious that our main mission is to safeguard our clients’ wealth, but this objective is not incompatible with maintaining our commitment to a sustainable future. What are profitable and socially responsible bonds?

Investors and the need of searching for value

In a context where it is not easy to find undervalued assets or assets with an interesting risk return scenario, we must strive to select the right investment opportunities searching for value. BBVA in Switzerland, in line with its focus on capital preservation and capitalizing assets in the medium and long term, believes that some specific assets are still attractive to investors.

What benefit for my assets does it have to change my country of residence?

Have you ever considered moving to another country looking for a better taxation for your assets? Why are there so many cases of athletes or artists who decide to change the country of residence for the benefit of their careers?

Monetary normalisation in the US and its effects

At the end of 2015, the Federal Reserve began the process of removing the extraordinary monetary policy accommodation that it had introduced to help stimulate the economy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis (the “Great Recession”). However, the Fed’s monetary normalisation could see this situation gradually change.