Weekly keys: What is happening this week? 03.12.2019

Weekly keys in the form of headlines to keep up to date with what is happening in the markets: Several better-than-expected data, both in Europe and the US, are shoring up the equity increases we’ve seen since the beginning of the year and, which represented over 20% at the end of November.

Do I include my descendants in my investment account?

When opening an investment account in a Bank to manage funds, many investors ask us if it is convenient to include a spouse or their descendants as co-owners to simplify inheritance procedures in the event of the death of the principal holder in the future.

The Federal Reserve lowers the reference rates and applies new stimuli

The Central Bank of the United States (Fed) has again lowered the reference rates for the third consecutive time during 2019. Far are the forecasts of rate hikes at the end of 2018 when our forecast was, and continues to be, that the Federal Reserve won’t be able to upload them for a long time (years) and there is still a long way down.

Swiss Private Banking: Financing alternatives for reinvestment

The Swiss bank offers access to various financing models on how to return goods via credits, with opaque guarantees that allow investments to be made to Swiss private banks.

In the current environment, should I sell or keep my investments?

It is not surprising that this climate generates doubts or reflections, and this question seems valid: Should I keep my investments or should I sell and leave? In reality, there is no simple answer since there are nuances and opportunity costs that imply different responses depending on the investment profile.

The importance of diversification in debt environments

On 23 September 2019, the world’s oldest travel agency, Thomas Cook, announced that it had ceased trading and the company went into liquidation. We’ve recently seen similar cases with Sears and Toys “R” Us. The high cost of financing in debt environments reminds us of the importance diversification has for investors. There are usually many […]

How to invest in dollar fixed-income today, with an eye to the future

On this occasion we would like to analyze the possibility of investing, with an eye to the future, to take advantage of forthcoming opportunities in dollar fixed-income.

Protect the profitability: discover why our clients come first

We present a success story. Find out how our fixed income portfolio managers – with our clients as the main focus – made the best financial decisions to protect the profitability on their portfolios.

Are we facing a new economic crisis?

The manufacturing ISM is an indicator of activity, widely used to anticipate the behaviour of the economy. When it is above 50 it indicates that we are in an area of economic expansion, while if it is below that level it points towards increasing risks that a period of economic contraction may occur. In the […]

Oil and geopolitical risk

Geopolitical risk increases affecting the price of certain commodities in the short term, although its long-term influence, is very low we do not advise basing investments on it.

Investors are holding fire from the central banks

Somewhat surprisingly, we’re still seeing global investors paying an inordinate amount of attention to the decisions from the central banks in general and the Federal Reserve in particular.

The Argentine authorities seek to extend the maturities of government debt

The Argentine authorities seek to extend the maturities of more than 100 billion dollars of government debt, which includes over 50 billion of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Are we facing the imminent collapse of equities?

We are actually reading, in websites specialised in financial activity, about the imminent collapse of the equity indices or the divergence between the macroeconomic situation and the U.S. indices, which are close to record highs. What future is there for equities?

The importance of living in a sustainable world

If there is a fact that shows us the importance of living in a sustainable environment and focusing on the environment is that 29 July was the Earth Overshoot Day​, i.e. the day when humanity consumed all the resources available for that year.  The current pace is increasing and growing exponentially every single year.

Structured products linked to interest rates

Range accruals are undoubtedly among the most popular interest-rate linked structured products. They are worth looking into if you want to receive a regular interest payment above market rates, linked to changes in interest rates.

The financing of life insurance premiums

These international insurances have a double component of savings and insurance so that the premiums paid have a return that is used in part by the insurer to guarantee the payment

Change of trend in the price of silver

Although the price of silver may not change its trend, there could at least be an upturn that may drive the price up from the current 16 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars per ounce within a year.

The Federal Reserve cuts rates for the first time in ten years

Las autoridades monetarias estadounidenses han recortado un 0,25% las tasas oficiales de la mayor economía mundial,  situando el precio del dinero en el rango 2,25% – 2,00%.

The global economic deterioration forces to lower the reference rates

The global economic downturn has once more obliged the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to change its monetary policy and begin to cut its official rates.

Seven tips for investing successfully in a start-up (Venture Capital I)

Newly created emerging companies, start-ups are a vital part of value creation in the economy and make a positive contribution to society.

Sustainable financial investment: Plastic waste treatment

Sadly, plastic debris has become frequent in marine life, where plastic is found in the stomachs of cetaceans, birds, and fish

Sustainability, energy and commitment

“Sustainable development” is a relatively new concept and was first defined in 1987, in the Brundtland Report. A report that recognised that social development was taking place at a very high cost to the environment.

Increased demand for sustainable investment solutions

We are faced with a new wave marked by sustainability. In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for socially responsible investment solutions. The notable increase in awareness of economic, social and environmental sustainability is now also being clearly reflected in customer investments.

The Federal Reserve facing the loss of economic dynamism

Preliminary US activity indicators point to this loss of economic dynamism in the U.S. occurring in the second half of the year.

The probability of recession in the US increases significantly

Based on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York index, the probability that the United States will fall into recession in the next twelve months has increased significantly.

How to invest in different currencies

Private Banking clients are increasingly more interested in investing in different currencies. Structured products offer solutions to materialise this type of investment idea.

Central Banks are the major players

Valuations of risk assets are very tight so the return depends more than ever on the Central Banks.

How do you reconcile financial investment goals with sustainable development goals?

In 2015, the UN adopted a Sustainable Development agenda setting 17 goals that consider in aggregate terms the social, economic and environmental approach that together seek to end poverty and hunger, protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity.

Is it as important to have cash as profitable investments?

Having cash available can, at certain times, be as important as making secure and profitable investments. The need for cash can be key to the future of the family’s wealth.

Invest in the current socio-economic environment

Structural changes in the socioeconomic environment cause changes in the levels of central bank rates