Big Data

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

The flow of personal data generated by these new technologies may leave our privacy exposed, meaning the concept of cybersecurity is increasingly critical.

The importance of big data

In one single minute, we are generating 1.8 terabytes of files in the cloud, 11 million instant messages and over 160 million emails

How 5G Promises to Change the World

Keys to the development of smart cities

The world faces multiple global challenges. From sustainable development of smart cities to democratization, there are many unique opened questions related to the future of humanity specially related to the global urbanization and its infrastructure.

Data: Cornerstone of our digital present

Because when we talk about the present, we refer to the immediate future, to what is already happening, to what is inevitable and to what undoubtedly will decide the fate of any business that wants to tackle a customer-oriented digital transformation.