What are Videogames & eSports?

Video games and eSports are all the electronic games displayed on any digital device (from monitors and TVs to smartphones or virtual reality headsets). eSports refers to professional competitions using video games.

What are  Videogames & eSports?

Why invest in Videogames & eSports?

Booming market

Booming market

The eSports market has ballooned in recent years, with more and more viewers tuning in to watch the world's best video game players. In 2012, frequent viewers of eSports numbered barely 50 million worldwide, but by 2020 they had reached over 200 million (according to Statista).

More and more fans

More and more fans

Demographic changes are causing an increasing percentage of the population to become fans of video games and eSports.

Diversified industry

Diversified industry

The video game industry is highly diversified by game and by region.

Millions of viewers of eSports

Fuente: Statista 2021

News about Videogames & eSports

Streaming platforms: How has your growth been over the years?

Streaming platforms have become a popular way to acquire multimedia content on demand. Their evolution has been impressive and over the years they have positioned themselves as a strong industry to take into account when investing.

5 valuable organizations in the world of eSports

Online gaming competitions continue to evolve into one of the most established industries in the financial market, with a loyal audience that grows each year. That is why there are organizations with teams that exceed 30 million dollars in annual revenue, in addition to valuations that exceed 300 million dollars. What are the top 5 valuable organizations of 2021?

5G network accelerates deployment worldwide

The cell phone is the most widely used device for playing video games, as 5G connectivity allows the user to have a better experience.

The most important video game events

Gamescom is positioned as the largest video game convention in terms of attendees, as its 2019 edition was attended by 373,000 people.

Top 4 companies that revolutionized the video game industry

Video games are one of the hottest industries for investment opportunities today. Many people choose to invest in this industry thanks to its huge number of fans, its thriving financial sector that allows investors to see a profitable future, and the new technologies that are launched every year.

BBVA New Gen: Investments for all generations

Maintaining the experience and quality of BBVA, New Gen is presented as an option to invest from scratch or with small or medium capital and offers you an extensive portfolio of companies of global interest to give you the possibility not only to invest, but do it on purpose.

Commodities crisis and repercussions of rising prices

The commodities crisis has been caused, among other factors, by the centralization of supplies by some world powers, added to the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

VR Fitness: How sport meets virtual reality

Virtual Reality helmets or viewers, through such technology allow changing the scenarios in which sports are practiced, among many other functions.

Nintendo surpasses Sony and Microsoft in sales of video game consoles

In the last two years, Nintendo has sold nearly 48 million units of the Switch console, elevating it above the original PlayStation and Wii, which have only sold 102.4 million and 101.6 million respectively.

Why invest in the video game industry?

There are numerous reasons why the gaming industry, both online and offline, has become a current investment trend and among them we can highlight its audience, the boost that the pandemic gave the industry and the constant growth that has been experienced. with the passing of the years.