What is Vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism is a movement in which people abstain from the consumption of meat or products that involve any type of animal abuse. Trying to avoid the damage and exploitation of animals.

What is  Vegetarianism?

Why invest in vegetarianism?

To favor the market for plant-based foods

To favor the market for plant-based foods

Awareness of the planet, health and ethical eating are changing consumption trends, favouring the burgeoning market for plant-based foods.

Higher returns from sustainable funds

Higher returns from sustainable funds

Studies by Morningstar show that sustainable funds have outperformed traditional funds in all areas over the last 10 years.

News about vegetarianism

A healthy sustainable diet, the future of food

A healthy diet in conjunction with a responsible stance on climate change results in a type of diet that promotes all dimensions of people's health and well-being, and also has a low environmental impact.

Healthy Living: New Habits for Post-Pandemic Health

After the pandemic, people are resuming or acquiring healthy habits for their physical and mental well-being, mainly as a way to strengthen their immune system and to restore lost health.

Reasons why investing in vegetarianism is a good decision

The health benefits of vegetarian diets are considerably high, which is why vegetarianism continues to be adopted by millions around the world each year. Is it time to invest in this trend? Yes!

The vegan meat market: a safe investment

The demand for plant-based protein is growing all the time and, therefore, so are your investments. We tell you why we consider vegetable meat to be a safe investment.

The potential of the veganism industry

Veganism has gained special relevance during the last few years; global sales of vegetable meat increased 24% in 2020, reaching 4.2 billion dollars. Meanwhile, sales of plant-based milks grew 4% and reached 16.9 billion dollars.

The rise of the synthetic meat industry

Global sales of plant-based meat increased 24% in 2020 reaching $4.2 billion. One factor that could influence such an upturn is that 25% of Americans between 25 and 34 years old claim to be vegetarians or vegans.

Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism, as well as the investment opportunities it represents.

Increase of vegetarianism in the world

The global COVID-19 crisis has brought about many changes in our way of life, especially related to responsible consumption, so that more and more people have a vegetarian or vegan diet.