What is Travel technology?

Travel technology is the technology-based industry that can be used for travel bookings, accommodation, ridesharing, travel comparisons and travel advice over the Internet.

What is  Travel technology?

Why invest in Travel technology?

Unprecedented growth

Unprecedented growth

Population growth and the rise of the world's middle classes may lead to unprecedented growth in tourism all over the world.

Increase in global demand

Increase in global demand

Global travel-friendly companies will benefit enormously from this increase in global demand.

Increased traffic

Increased traffic

According to IATA, air passenger traffic is expected to double between 2016 and 2036, from 3.6 billion to 7.2 billion passengers annually.

News about Travel technology

How can space technology improve the performance of autonomous cars?

Mobility Self-driving vehicles Travel technology

Driverless cars are, without a doubt, a technological advance that is here to stay. Therefore, looking for tools that improve their performance is a path that the automotive industry has decided to take. One of these technologies are satellites, which have the ability to provide more precise information regarding routes and roads, making driving much more efficient.

Recovery of the tourism industry post Covid

Digitalisation Travel technology

The recovery of the tourism industry this 2022 will be around US$8 billion, which represents a 32% increase compared to last year.

Benefits of space technology on Earth and why invest in it

New technologies Travel technology

Learn what benefits space technology offers to earthly life and why your investment strategy can benefit from it.

Post-pandemic recovery of the tourism industry

Digital economy Digitalisation Travel technology

Earnings (EBITDA) generated during 2021 for both Booking and Airbnb, were 26.5% and 27% respectively. In the case of Airbnb, after its bookings decreased by more than 40% during 2020, last year it showed signs of a frank recovery.

The cloud: advances and companies to invest with by 2022 according to Bloomberg

Cloud Travel technology

Whether you want to start in the financial world or have previous experience in it, these companies stand out as a means to invest your capital with the possibility of a good result thanks to their trajectory and history.

What is extended reality and its main uses in the industry?

5G Technology Digital economy Gaming and eSports

XR is a reality that is already present, and that will undoubtedly set a standard in the evolution of the world as we know it now, this will be reflected in entertainment, sports, health care, tourism, education and e-commerce.