What is Social media?

Social media were born at the beginning of the 21st century and have completely changed the way people communicate, reducing distances to bring them closer digitally. Social media connect millions of people through the internet.

What is  Social media?

Why invest in Social media?

A revolution in communication

A revolution in communication

Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate and they are here to stay.

The giants take over the market

The giants take over the market

The leading social media companies will maintain market dominance, either through their main social network (despite any changes) or through the purchase of new applications or functionalities. For example, we saw how Facebook took control of WhatsApp and Instagram, remaining the undisputed leader in the global social media landscape.

News about Social Media

The power of influencers in purchasing decisions

According to the Statista survey, in almost all participating countries, purchases increased due to the influence exerted by popular profiles by public figures on social networks compared to 2019,

Streaming platforms: How has your growth been over the years?

Streaming platforms have become a popular way to acquire multimedia content on demand. Their evolution has been impressive and over the years they have positioned themselves as a strong industry to take into account when investing.

Increase In Cyber-Attacks Popularized The Cybersecurity Industry

Cyber-attacks continue to be a threat to governments and low- and high-profile businesses, as well as individuals. Cybercriminals are expected to invest more in new tools and methods to achieve their goals, so improving the line of defense when using computers online is vital to avoid falling victim to cybercrime or security breaches.

All about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk

The tycoon caused controversy when he announced last Friday, May 13, that he is putting the agreement on the acquisition of the platform on hold, after offering 44 billion dollars to take full control of the company.

The technological bubble of streaming platforms

The global inflation resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, the rise in energy prices, as well as the return to normality have deflated the technology bubble.

Social Networks: A universe of 4.6 million users

Investing in RRSS has remained a trend in recent years due to the high use that users make of it per month. In addition, the constant growth of the population that joins social networks grows considerably every year, which makes this industry one of the most attractive for investors from all over the world.

Google as an ally of the great moments of life

Search engines are of great help when making the most important decisions of our lives, because we can ask them practically everything and they provide us with advice, options, and even the resolution of our problems.

Is the end of Facebook approaching?

Facebook has been trying to clean up its image and restore the trust lost by users, after being immersed in several scandals and being fined on a couple of occasions, added to privacy policies that have suffocated the company.