What is Smart cities?

Smart cities are the cities of the future. They are focused on technologies integrated into the backbone of our cities. They can be used to optimise systems with smart buildings, energy, home, infrastructure, mobility and security.

What is  Smart cities?

Why invest in Smart cities?

The cities of tomorrow

The cities of tomorrow

Companies are shaping the design and engineering of tomorrow’s cities. It is a secular trend that harnesses the growth in urban development.

 Very high potential

Very high potential

Cities are adapting to this new trend, but there is a lot still to be done, so these companies have very high growth potential.

News about Smart cities

The promising future of the smart home industry

There are an estimated 131 million smart home speakers, a figure that could rise to 300 million over the next four years, growing 128 percent.

Smart Home: an industry with a lot of potential in the near future

Homes around the world are becoming increasingly smart as people want to digitize their homes, equip them with voice controls, additional security measures, lights that turn on and off without switches and autonomous appliances.

Green building: the infrastructure of the future

Sustainable construction is a sector that will be on the rise in the coming years and represents an excellent option for those looking to invest in green and/or ethical options that benefit the environment

Building systems in the cities of the future

This type of technology has been adopted by Smart Cities, seeking to offer a better quality of life to their citizens, as well as to boost their development to become more competitive.

Sustainable mobility: the growth of the e-bike industry

The main objective of the urban electric bicycle is not physical exercise per se, but to provide a sustainable mobility solution, as well as an easier and more economical way to get around.