What is Self-driving vehicles?

Self-driving vehicles are vehicles that sense the environment and can move safely without any human intervention. The technologies that enable vehicles to perceive their environment are mainly radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units.

What is  Self-driving vehicles?

Why invest in self-driving vehicles?

Greater security

Greater security

Autonomous mobility is destined to change the way we transport people and goods. Autonomous mobility with self-driving vehicles may prove to be safer than human-guided mobility.

A change of era

A change of era

Industries change as technology advances, causing paradigm shifts for that industry, reducing demand for the traditional industry and driving the new one.

Great potential for growt

Great potential for growt

Companies active in these emerging technologies have great potential for growth.

News about Self-driving vehicles

How can space technology improve the performance of autonomous cars?

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Driverless cars are, without a doubt, a technological advance that is here to stay. Therefore, looking for tools that improve their performance is a path that the automotive industry has decided to take. One of these technologies are satellites, which have the ability to provide more precise information regarding routes and roads, making driving much more efficient.

Autonomous Cars: An Industry with a Lot of Debate

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The branch of the automotive industry specialized in robot or driverless cars continues to evolve, despite persistent concerns among users, such as cybersecurity and the high possibility of traffic accidents. However, this trend has a promising future thanks to its multiple benefits.

Benefits of investing in autonomous vehicles for businesses

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The European Commission has declared the end of combustion cars What are the alternatives for investing in sustainable mobility?

5G network and smart cars

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The cars of the future are expected to be autonomous and electric, driven by growing technology. Undoubtedly, the mobility of the future also coexists with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles

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Since the first motor vehicles were born, the automotive industry has not stopped evolving. Let's talk about autonomous vehicles.

The potential of the autonomous vehicle industry

Self-driving vehicles

Throughout its history, the automotive industry has proven to be one of the most dynamic, adapting to the needs of each era. Looking to the future, this industry is not lagging and maintains its bet on what seems to be the next step, that is, the development of autonomous vehicles.