What is Genome revolution?

The human genome revolution encompasses all those scientific and technological advances that are concerned with analysis of the human genome. The main objective of these advances is to extend human life and enhance its quality. Deciphering the human genome has given humanity a better understanding of its origins while focusing on improving its future.

What is  Genome revolution?

Why invest in genome revolution?

To solve world hunger

To solve world hunger

It may be one of the most important revolutions in the history of mankind. It will make it possible to edit the genome, creating possible cures for chronic diseases. But it could also change agriculture completely, which could solve the world’s hunger problems.

The detection of genetic diseases

The detection of genetic diseases

The human genome was first sequenced in 2003. It took 10 years and cost $30 billion USD. Now it can be sequenced for as little as $200 USD and in just a few hours. If things continue at this pace, shortly it could be done at an affordable price in a few minutes. It can be used for everything from personalised diets tailored to your DNA, improvements in physical performance and the detection of genetic diseases before they even begin to manifest themselves.

To enable more effective treatments

To enable more effective treatments

New life-saving therapies enable better treatments for cancer and other diseases, as well as early detection. It can multiply by a factor of 3 the life expectancy of people with cancer.

News about genome revolution

Invest in cancer research thanks to New Gen

At New Gen it is possible to invest in cancer research, which can help multiply by a factor of 3 the life expectancy of people suffering from this and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Investing in the genome revolution, a bet on the future

Today, thanks to technological progress, greater globalization of the economy and new interests in the field of medicine, a genome sequence can be obtained for almost ten million times less money.

Advances in the treatment of diseases thanks to the genome of cats

Technological advances have taken research into the human genome to a new level where it is claimed that the cat genome is more similar to that of humans and can make a difference by becoming the key to preventing and curing diseases.


The genome revolution: what does it consist of?

Nowadays, people can order genetic tests and find out about their vulnerability to certain diseases by sending samples by mail, and more and more companies are making great strides in the field of human genomics.

Main applications of the human genome project

Knowledge of the human genome makes it possible to understand diseases that have a genetic basis, such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular diseases.