What is Forestry?

Forestry is responsible for creating, managing, conserving and repairing forests, woodlands and other areas that provide environmental benefits.

What is  Forestry?

Why invest in forestry?

The lungs of the planet

The lungs of the planet

Forests and timber are one of the main oxygen producers on Earth. How can we not invest in our planet's lungs? Forests occupy large swaths of the Earth and are a key factor in mitigating climate change.

Prices up

Prices up

In addition to caring for the environment, demand for wood continues to be much higher than supply, which will push wood prices up.

Positive impact

Positive impact

When forests are properly managed, it has a very positive impact on the environment.

News about forestry

Forestry as a path to environmental recovery

Through the recovery of forests, the much-needed process of environmental recovery can be initiated, which must be accompanied by drastic modifications to the current processes of society to guarantee that the change is maintained over time. Supporting and promoting forestry then becomes one more way of supporting causes that increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Hydroponics: Sustainable agriculture for water saving

According to estimates, the global hydroponics market will reach $725 million by next year, with an annual growth rate of 18% and will grow at a rate of 22.5% by 2025, so it represents a good investment trend.

How big is the carbon footprint of tropical deforestation?

The loss of tropical tree cover has caused an average annual emissions equivalent to 5.3 gigatons in less than a decade.

Investing in Forests: Causes and Consequences of Indiscriminate Deforestation

It is estimated that 20% of total CO2 emissions are due to forest deforestation, the main causes of which are indiscriminate logging, cattle ranching and the expansion of urban centers.

How to invest in the forestry industry and its benefits

Sustainability is in vogue and is a pressing need, which is why investments in sectors such as forestry stand out and remain solid even in times of financial crisis.

Investing in forests and forestry, profitable for you and the planet

Many of the most promising investments in forestry and sustainable forest management are in developing countries; one example is Latin America and the Caribbean, which has about 50% of the world's primary forests.

La importancia de la silvicultura

The importance of forestry to curb climate change

The objective of silvicultural practices is to ensure the sustainability of goods and services, increasing the resilience and resistance of forests, that is, their capacity to recover and adapt to climate change.

Importance of forestry to take care of our planet

Forests are of great importance to the planet and can be used as a way to combat climate change. That is why forestry is positioned as an important issue in society and a lucrative option for investors.