What is Fintech?

Fintech companies are financial technology companies. It is a growing industry that uses the latest technologies to provide financial services. The word fintech is an abbreviation for "financial technology." It consists of a whole array of technological developments to transform the financial industry, mainly through the digitalisation of money, investments and personalisation of services.

What is  Fintech?

Why invest in Fintech?

Greater earnings

Greater earnings

Fintech services can be immensely valuable to companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also to large companies. By providing more modern and better services, customer retention rates increase considerably, so the companies generate greater earnings.

Finance more secure

Finance more secure

It makes finance more secure through biometric data, tokenisation and data encryption, as well as participation in blockchain.

Use digital channels

Use digital channels

46% of users exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs (according to Singularity University). Emerging countries are shifting from not using financial services to using them digitally directly, without going through physical services.

How do we invest in Fintech?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in fintech:

News about fintech

The Fintech revolution, a new financial landscape


The term ‘fintech’ is heard with greater volume in different areas of the financial industry and its evolution has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world creating a new financial landscape.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fintech companies


Financial technology companies or Fintech, for its acronym in English, are entities dedicated to providing the full range of financial services usually offered by traditional banking, only with the differentiator that technology is used to make these services more efficient and accessible products.

Examples of FinTech technologies

Digitalisation Fintech New Gen

The importance of FinTech is largely due to the opportunity it provides investors to do their own research, pick stocks and see the performance of their portfolio in real time.

samsung pay

Take advantage of Samsung Pay as a digital payment

BBVA in Switzerland Digital economy Fintech

From now on, you only need your mobile or your smartwatch to complete your purchases. Your wallet stays at home. With Samsung Pay, you can use the BBVA in Switzerland credit cards at any establishment that accepts contactless payments anywhere in the world. All digitally, to make your payments even more secure and convenient.

payments evolution

The evolution of the payment methods

Digital economy Fintech Life style

The new reality arising from Covid-19 has impacted the whole of society. For example, in many countries the new normal involves wearing a mask in public places and keeping a social distance. The way we pay for products or services has also been affected by the pandemic: many establishments began to recommend payment through electronic means, whether by card, digital applications or using contactless payment systems such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

International Private Banking Video identification and digital signatures

Introducing the online request service for account opening

BBVA in Switzerland Fintech

Video identification and digital signatures are more necessary than ever in this new normal. In the wake of the social distancing measures introduced to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, BBVA Switzerland has become closer to customers and is using technology to digitise the process for opening accounts.