What is Equity?

Equity is an investment that consists of buying shares, i.e. becoming a partner or owner of the companies, in a small proportion. Investing in global equity funds or ETFs allows you to invest in a very large set of companies at one time.

What is  Equity?

Why invest in equities?

The most profitable type of investment in the long run

The most profitable type of investment in the long run

A lo largo de la historia se ha demostrado que la renta variable es el tipo de inversión más rentable que existe en el largo plazo. Lo cual tiene sentido ya que el propietario de una inversión es el que más rendimiento obtiene si esta sale bien. Aunque a cambio de esa mayor rentabilidad, la renta variable tiene un mayor riesgo y una mayor volatilidad que la renta fija. Historically, equity has been shown to be the most profitable type of investment in the long run. Which makes sense because the owner of an investment is the one who gets the most out of it if it goes well. Although in exchange for this higher profitability, equity has a higher risk and volatility than debt.

To maintain purchasing power

To maintain purchasing power

In periods of financial repression, when interest rates are very low, equities are the best way to maintain purchasing power over the long term.

News about equity

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in equities

As soon as we start investing, we immediately come across the first two categories that we need to know and understand before making an investment decision, especially if the objective is to preserve and grow our assets.


Webinar Private Equity Vision 2021

BBVA in Switzerland organized a webinar on Private Equity on February 10th.  The webinar was broadcasted live through its own Youtube channel. On this occasion the experts in Third Party Products, David Requena and Maria Arroyo, analyze the situation of Private Equity in the current environment and investment strategies for this year 2021.


Five top advantages of the discretionary mandate for investors

There is a very large universe of portfolios and investing options at the moment. But there are major economic imbalances as well, so it is vital to ensure that your investments are managed efficiently. Here are five top advantages of the discretionary mandate for investors.