What is Energy storage?

It is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition, since it guarantees the supply of renewable energies at any time, even though their generation does not take place at night (solar) or when the wind is not blowing (wind).

What is  Energy storage?

Why invest in energy storage?

Use it when needed

Use it when needed

Energy storage is no longer limited to batteries. Storage systems are the future of energy, as they guarantee the supply of renewable energies to all corners of the planet, without depending on daylight or the amount of wind. nvesting in the development of new and better energy storage systems will be very beneficial for the health of our planet.

CO2 emission reduction

CO2 emission reduction

By increasing the consumption of renewable energy, we will be able to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. Some examples of energy storage systems are compressed air, supercapacitors, hydroelectric pumping or thermal storage.

Revitalization of rural areas

Revitalization of rural areas

On a social and economic level, energy storage can create great opportunities in rural areas. From new jobs needed to install and maintain these systems, to new income streams for resident owners of the land on which they are built.

News about energy storage

How much green energy is generated in Latin America?

The Latin American and Caribbean region produces about 60% of its electricity from green sources and contains one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world. Hydroelectric power generates most of the area's electricity.

Energy storage and its future potential

We are facing a third industrial revolution that consists not only in the detachment from fossil fuels and the use of renewable and/or clean energies, but also in their storage.

Driving Sustainability by Investing in Solar Energy

Investing responsibly is investing in those trends that can contribute to a low-pollution environment. How can sustainability be promoted through investments? There are many options, one of them being the solar energy industry.

Solar energy storage

The generation and use of electrical energy from renewable sources represent a viable solution to counteract the pollution produced by energy production based on the burning of fossil fuels, and to combat climate change due to the concentration of greenhouse gases.

Main types of energy storage

Our world is in a transition from fossil fuels to renewable and clean energies, so an improvement in electrical energy storage is of vital importance to support these technologies.

The energy storage revolution

Lithium batteries are predicted to be the future of storage since this element has a high electrochemical potential and can accumulate large amounts of energy.