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Why invest in electric mobility?

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Electric power costs have been falling rapidly in recent years, and there is every reason to believe that the mobility of the future is likely to be increasingly electric, autonomous and connected.

All types of vehicles

All types of vehicles

The electric mobility industry includes everything from cars, buses and trucks to planes, trains, ships and cruise ships

Great potential growth

Great potential growth

Electric mobility is an emerging industry with great growth potential, particularly in the automotive sector, where 97% of vehicles worldwide still have a combustion engine, according to the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) report.

Market share

Market share

In the mid term, electric mobility companies may well displace companies that fail to adapt, and eat up a larger slice of market share. According to the IEA, the electric vehicle market has been increasing twofold every 2.5 years since they went on sale en masse at the beginning of 2010. Their share of the vehicle fleet is expected to continue to grow at a high rate.

Sale of electric vehicles in the world

movilidad eléctrica

News about electric mobility

Tesla’s main competitors in the electric vehicle market

Elon Musk's company ranks seventh on the list of the most efficient vehicles, with its Model S achieving only 405 miles.

Electric Vehicle Industry Innovation in Alternative Advertising

The automotive industry, is one that is undoubtedly making great turns and investments in both R&D and alternative advertising. Tesla has become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Commodities crisis and repercussions of rising prices

The commodities crisis has been caused, among other factors, by the centralization of supplies by some world powers, added to the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Main electric vehicle markets in the world

China, Europe and the United States account for around 90% of global electric car sales, which indicates that there are still great areas of opportunity in electric mobility.

The crisis of microchips and the automotive industry

In the aftermath of the pandemic, all technology-related industries have been heavily affected by the microchip crisis, which has caused considerable delays in production. An aspect that was already generating problems ended up highlighting the importance of avoiding monopolization and encouraging the creation of industries in other countries.

New Gen: The 10 most sought-after trends of 2021

Megatrends are transformative forces whose impact is perceptible by an important segment of society for a prolonged period of time, mainly in the business and economic fields.

Semiconductor crisis and its effects

The production of chips is among the most complex processes in existence, taking several months and hundreds of stages in its manufacture, in addition, it requires precision equipment that operates subatomic particles.

5G network and smart cars

The cars of the future are expected to be autonomous and electric, driven by growing technology. Undoubtedly, the mobility of the future also coexists with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).