What is Educational technology?

Educational technology or "EdTech" refers to the use of technology to enhance educational processes, whether in organised settings such as schools and universities, or in more informal settings.

What is  Educational technology?

Why invest in educational technology?

Transformation of the education sector

Transformation of the education sector

Have you ever taken an online course? You very likely have done at some point. Have you ever thought how this sector is changing? We can use educational technology to deliver and receive quality educational content to almost anyone on the planet who has access to a mobile device or computer at very attractive costs.

Individualized training

Individualized training

We can use educational technology to develop scalable, individualised training programs of different contents for an infinite number of students at the same time.

Students more engaged

Students more engaged

Not all people have the same needs or respond to the same stimuli. Educational technology is proven to help keep students more engaged, which means that each student is more likely to maximise his or her potential.

Access to education

Access to education

Because educational technology can work without a specific physical space, it guarantees access to quality education for people living in areas without sufficient population density or without the necessary infrastructure to maintain an optimal level of education.

News about educational technology

Impact of COVID-19 on the use of technology in education

Online training is one of the terms that has been heard the most in the last two years. This has resulted in a boost to the online education industry, whose benefits have been highly publicized, resulting in a more optimal way of learning.

Leadership coaching: educational technology and business trend

New technologies have been the perfect ally to make knowledge available to anyone, adopting coaching an active role in continuing education, focused more on performance than on the simple transmission of information.

Educational robotics, opportunities for investment in sustainable social development

Educational robotics presents new opportunities for investment in sustainable social development.

Investing in educational technologies democratizes knowledge and increases opportunities

Investing in educational technologies is a method that could guarantee the democratization of knowledge at various levels of education and trigger opportunities for individuals, sectors, countries and even entire regions.

The importance of technology in education

In general terms it is simple, it refers to all technologies, software, hardware, applications, and platforms, designed to improve the experience in the teaching-learning process in educational institutions.

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Educational opportunities from home

In the last months, many people around the world have been forced to work from home. The "stay at home" phenomenon has given people the opportunity to organise their time between work and leisure in a way they could not do before, because of their day-to-day pace of activities. For many, this period at home has also become an opportunity for educating themselves.