What is E-commerce?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the industry of buying and selling goods or services over the Internet, including the transfer of money to execute that purchase/sale.

What is  E-commerce?

Why invest in E-commerce?

80% of global trade

80% of global trade

Despite being a full-blown trend, offline trade still accounts for 80% of global trade, leaving a huge margin for growth in e-commerce.

Speed ​​and cost reduction

Speed ​​and cost reduction

Online operations are faster, costs are reduced and both demand and supply are global.

Huge growth potential

Huge growth potential

It might seem like a mature market, but in fact it has huge margin for potential growth. According to statista, global e-commerce sales will surge from USD 4.28 trillion to over USD 5.4 trillion by 2022, tantamount to 26% growth in just two years.

Volume of E-commerce in the world

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Source: eMarketer

News about E-commerce

Social networks + ecommerce: A Relationship with Strong Results

Digital marketing has become e-commerce's best friend. Therefore, BBVA New Gen has both trends to offer its investors as part of those industries that project positive futures in the financial market. Are you ready to invest in a trendy industry?

Impact of war on e-commerce and supply chains

The price of gasoline has reached record highs, especially in the United States where it reached US$4.173 per gallon, a price not recorded since 2008.

Google as an ally of the great moments of life

Search engines are of great help when making the most important decisions of our lives, because we can ask them practically everything and they provide us with advice, options, and even the resolution of our problems.

Why invest in the e-commerce industry?

Multiple aspects of the latter have taken electronic commerce to the next level, representing a significant percentage of sales worldwide. Therefore, here are 3 major ecommerce platforms to monitor during this 2022.

NFT: The digital revolution of the art market

The art market is at the best time to invest in it, this, after the recovery of the market after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic slowed down and even paralyzed sales during 2020.

E-commerce: The rebound of a sector as old as the Internet

In addition to the pandemic, a fundamental factor in the rebound of e-commerce is innovation, since digital transformation is part of the process of evolution and growth of any company.

Figures that show how eCommerce revolutionized how we shop

Electronic commerce changed the way we acquire products and this industry received a great boost during 2020 that generated attention from investors who seek to be part of this new technological era in which the customer can buy from anywhere in the world. which considerably expands the ground for businesses.

5 artificial intelligence companies to invest in

Investing in artificial intelligence is a smart decision since technological advances in this area are being applied to different industries, thus achieving better results. How to invest in artificial intelligence? Here we leave you 5 options.