What is E-commerce?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the industry of buying and selling goods or services over the Internet, including the transfer of money to execute that purchase/sale.

What is  E-commerce?

Why invest in E-commerce?

80% of global trade

80% of global trade

Despite being a full-blown trend, offline trade still accounts for 80% of global trade, leaving a huge margin for growth in e-commerce.

Speed ​​and cost reduction

Speed ​​and cost reduction

Online operations are faster, costs are reduced and both demand and supply are global.

Huge growth potential

Huge growth potential

It might seem like a mature market, but in fact it has huge margin for potential growth. According to statista, global e-commerce sales will surge from USD 4.28 trillion to over USD 5.4 trillion by 2022, tantamount to 26% growth in just two years.

Volume of E-commerce in the world

movilidad eléctrica

Source: eMarketer

How do we invest in E-commerce?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in e-commerce:

News about E-commerce

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Tipos de ecommerce

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The Internet is a buying and selling channel through which customers can get what they want from anywhere in the world with just one click. These transactions range from the use of credit cards on the Internet to online stores.

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