What is Digital economy?

The digital economy describes the whole universe of people and companies that move through digital networks. It is focused on hyperconnectivity, which means a highly level of interconnection between people, organisations and machines through the Internet and digital devices.

What is  Digital economy?

Why invest in Digital economy?

More scalable businesses

More scalable businesses

Digitalisation enables automation, and this in turn can be used to create more scalable businesses. Which means high growth in digital companies.

High potential growth

High potential growth

High potential growth due to the growth in implementation and development of digital devices and services.

Online shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping is expected to grow by 14% per year over the next few years. *(Citi GPS: Technology at Work v3.0, August 2017).

News aboutDigital economy

Industries that use artificial intelligence to identify patterns

Artificial intelligence is becoming more important every day to improve the way society performs. Its combination with big data allows a long list of analyzes that are beneficial at all levels. However, its ability to identify patterns can improve almost any industry.

Principles of blockchain analytics

The blockchain is made up precisely by blocks, that is, by a set of transactions that include an alphanumeric code that will link to the previous and successive block.

5G network accelerates deployment worldwide

The cell phone is the most widely used device for playing video games, as 5G connectivity allows the user to have a better experience.

The most important video game events

Gamescom is positioned as the largest video game convention in terms of attendees, as its 2019 edition was attended by 373,000 people.