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What is Commodities?

Commodities, also known as raw materials, are consumer goods that need to be processed or used in the production chain of other goods. Given their importance at the global level, they are listed on international financial markets. The main commodities on the world markets are: gold, silver, crude oil (both Brent and West Texas), natural gas, copper, soybeans, wheat, platinum, corn, coffee, bronze and sugar.

What is  Commodities?

Why invest in Commodities?

To prevent inflation

To prevent inflation

Commodities are the type of investment that best replicates inflation. So they help protect us from inflation. If, as an investor, you also expect inflation to rise, commodities can be a good investment.

A diversified portfolio

A diversified portfolio

The market performance of commodities is highly decoupled from equities and bonds. So commodity investment helps us to make up a more diversified portfolio.

News about materias primas

Haven assets: Is it a good time to invest in gold?

The recent decrease of almost 17% in its value has led investors to wonder if investing in gold will be a wise decision for this 2022. Experts have mixed opinions on the matter, assuring that the financial market can change drastically due to the state of the world economy and the growing threat of a recession.

How does the price of oil impact companies?

The cost of oil has varied strongly during 2022, making it one of the most analyzed topics due to the long list of consequences that these changes in its value can generate. One of the most seen consequences is the high inflationary levels, which is due to the fact that a slight increase can affect all the production stages of a company and each one of them will increase the cost until all these changes are realized.

2022: Gas prices continue to rise and set records

Numerous countries have set new records in terms of gasoline and oil prices, thus generating strong consequences for the common citizen, whose habits and routines have been affected by this situation whose ceiling has not currently been reached and represents a continuous concern. for both governments and citizens.

Lithium crisis encourages car companies to buy mines

Tesla's goal is to produce 20 million electric vehicles by 2030, which will require a lot of lithium supplies, as last year, the company did not even produce one million such cars.

The Swiss franc: one of the best safe-haven assets around

The Swiss franc is considered a safe haven or defensive asset, meaning that it is less exposed to market volatility, especially in times of financial crisis. This type of asset is more stable and can safeguard your assets against other types of currencies.

How does the price of oil impact the common citizen?

Among the topics that are a trend for 2022, oil and gasoline are at the top of the list, due to their high impact on the life of the common citizen. This impact has been generated worldwide and at different levels of industries, which has led the common citizen to make decisions in terms of vehicle use, travel, purchases, etc.

5 popular commodities to invest in

The commodities market offers greater stability, liquidity and future profitability, thanks to the increase in demand for them. Investments in raw materials are an excellent bet on the future and BBVA New Gen is the necessary connection between the investor and the market of his preference.

Why invest in precious metals like gold?

Precious metals have been characterized as the safe asset par excellence that investors turn to when financial market fluctuations cause concern and during 2020, they showed a positive trend that has attracted investors from different categories, but what are the reasons for which investing in precious metals is beneficial?

Gold: a safe asset

When is it good to invest in gold? Is gold a good choice as a safe haven asset? Join us to discover the details of gold as a safe haven asset.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in commodities

Raw materials are objects that we obtain from nature and that serve as inputs in the production of derived products. For example, cotton is the basis for the textile industry, or petroleum for the polymer industry.