What is Commodities?

Commodities, also known as raw materials, are consumer goods that need to be processed or used in the production chain of other goods. Given their importance at the global level, they are listed on international financial markets. The main commodities on the world markets are: gold, silver, crude oil (both Brent and West Texas), natural gas, copper, soybeans, wheat, platinum, corn, coffee, bronze and sugar.

What is  Commodities?

Why invest in Commodities?

To prevent inflation

To prevent inflation

Commodities are the type of investment that best replicates inflation. So they help protect us from inflation. If, as an investor, you also expect inflation to rise, commodities can be a good investment.

A diversified portfolio

A diversified portfolio

The market performance of commodities is highly decoupled from equities and bonds. So commodity investment helps us to make up a more diversified portfolio.

How do we invest in Commodities?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in commodities:

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5 popular commodities to invest in


The commodities market offers greater stability, liquidity and future profitability, thanks to the increase in demand for them. Investments in raw materials are an excellent bet on the future and BBVA New Gen is the necessary connection between the investor and the market of his preference.

Why invest in precious metals like gold?


Precious metals have been characterized as the safe asset par excellence that investors turn to when financial market fluctuations cause concern and during 2020, they showed a positive trend that has attracted investors from different categories, but what are the reasons for which investing in precious metals is beneficial?

Gold: a safe asset


When is it good to invest in gold? Is gold a good choice as a safe haven asset? Join us to discover the details of gold as a safe haven asset.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in commodities


Raw materials are objects that we obtain from nature and that serve as inputs in the production of derived products. For example, cotton is the basis for the textile industry, or petroleum for the polymer industry.

Is gold a good safe heaven?

Commodities Financial Education Investment

El primer activo en el que pesamos para proteger nuestro patrimonio, cuando la economía se encuentra en recesión y los bancos centrales inundan de liquidez los mercados, suele ser el oro.