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Why invest in Cloud?

The main trend in software

The main trend in software

Cloud computing has become the most essential trend in software. Without cloud technology, many companies would not be able to keep running today.

From anywhere

From anywhere

The cloud allows us to access our information or consume a service at any time and from anywhere in the world, without taking up space on our device. We can use the cloud to work from anywhere in the world without having to be in the office, improving productivity and enhancing our work/life balance.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

It allows companies to reduce IT costs, build scalability and, above all, ensure business continuity. Companies that provide software and cloud services will benefit enormously as digital connectivity increases.

News about Cloud

The cloud: advances and companies to invest with by 2022 according to Bloomberg

Whether you want to start in the financial world or have previous experience in it, these companies stand out as a means to invest your capital with the possibility of a good result thanks to their trajectory and history.

Investing in cloud computing: a megatrend of the future

More than 90% of companies have part of their information in remote cloud servers and it is expected to continue to grow steadily.

Digitization drives the cloud computing industry

Global spending on public cloud computing infrastructure and services is expected to grow from $229 billion to nearly $500 billion by 2023. As for public cloud end-user spending, it will grow globally by 18% by this 2021.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

In 2020, the cloud storage market grew by $30 billion and, with a solid 10% annual increase, it is one of the main current investment trends. We tell you about its advantages and disadvantages in this article.

The cloud, from an intangible idea to an entire industrial sector

Perhaps the most intangible product invented by man, so much so that its name carries it, the cloud, is a market that despite being very large continues to expand and has very important upward projections, around $129,000 million dollars in preliminary revenue in 2020.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing provides a wide variety of services, from those traditionally offered to new ones such as networking, storage and processing.