What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a digital database where information is grouped in encrypted blocks, which are interlinked with other blocks that allow transactions to be carried out. It offers greatly improved security and lower intermediation costs, as it allows transactions to be carried out between users located anywhere in the world.

What is  Blockchain?

Why invest in blockchain?

Agile, cheap and efficient

Agile, cheap and efficient

Cryptocurrencies, the creation of programmable money, the ability to carry out digital transactions without intermediaries, in an agile, cheap and efficient manner...these are all new forms of exchanging economic value through the internet.

Growth exponencial

Growth exponencial

As it is a constantly evolving technology, its growth potential is currently exponential.

How do we invest in blockchain?

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News about blockchain

Is it a risk to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto

The cryptocurrency market has grown by 900% in the last 4 years and people want to invest in it. Are cryptocurrencies a risk? How popular are they globally? What is the future of this digital currency? It is time to analyze and answer one of the most frequently asked aspects of this industry, its level of risk.

Investing in Metaverso: funds and other ways to invest.

Blockchain Crypto New technologies

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VR Fitness: How sport meets virtual reality

Blockchain Digitalisation Gaming and eSports

Virtual Reality helmets or viewers, through such technology allow changing the scenarios in which sports are practiced, among many other functions.

Countries with the most Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto

North America ranks as the region with the most installed cryptocurrency ATMs, with a 95.1% total market share. Switzerland is the third European country with the most such ATMs.