BBVA Global Bond

BBVA Global Bond fund is designed for clients seeking access to all fixed income markets: governments and quasi governments, IG credit, High Yield, Emerging Markets Bonds... through active and flexible management.

BBVA Global Bond
Why invest in BBVA Global Bond?

Why invest in BBVA Global Bond?

The portfolio is designed from the management team´s highest convictions and most valuable ideas, with the firm intention of obtaining the best possible result within each asset class.

  • Gives exposure to a low volatility strategy and actively managed fixed income risks through dynamic asset allocation
  • Active management of the level of exposure both to take advantage of opportunities and to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio, curve, duration strategies or through the use of inflation-linked bonds
  • Access to global fixed income managed strategies not referenced to an index
  • Diversification by geographies: United States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe ... and by different types of assets: interest rates, credit, currencies ...
  • Real protection against cycle changes and interest rate movements in different markets.

How do we invest in BBVA Global Bond?

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