04. Trading

How can I place a trade?

Placing a trade with New Gen is very easy, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Login to the E-banking or Mobile App, and select the Trading section
2. Select the type of trade you want to place (Buy or Sell)
3. Find the instrument you want to trade by entering the ISIN or security name in the search box
4. Once you have selected the instrument, select the current account you want to use, the quantity you want to trade, the execution type, and the limit/trigger price (this does not apply if you are placing the order “At Market”)
5. Review the details of your order, and submit it
6. Once you have submitted the order, you can check the status in the Trading Overview

What type of securities can I trade?

You can trade EquitiesMutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed-income investments (Bonds) through our digital platforms

You can also trade Preferred Shares, Options, FX forwards, and Structured Products. To do so, just contact us through the e-banking

What type of orders can I place?

At market, limited, stop-loss, stop-limit

What is the maximum period that I can place a limited, stop-loss, stop-limit or order for?

The maximum period that you can place a limited, stop-loss, stop-limit or order is up to 90 days

How much does it cost to make a trade?

The fee will always be 0.25% regardless of what you invest in. Easy, right?

Here is a simple example:

  • Siemens 10.000 EUR                    It costs you 25 EUR
  • Nestle 50.000 CHF                       It costs you 125 CHF
  • Apple 100.000 USD                      It costs you 250 USD
Can I place a trade at any time?
  • You can place orders through one of our digital platforms at any time you want. However, the trade will only be executed if and when the market is open
  • You can also place orders through one of our relationship managers between Monday to Friday, and 9 AM to 5 PM (UTC+1)
How can I open a new security?

You need to enter E-Banking or Mobile App And Use the Messages Section to request a New Security Open

What Currencies can I trade?

You can buy and sell shares, funds and ETFs that are tradeable in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, TRY, MXN, CAD, AUD, NOK, SEK, SGD, RUB o PLN

What do I have to do in case of corporation actions?

You can manage all corporate actions on your own by accessing the corporate action module in the e-banking or mobile app. don’t worry if you do not wish to manage them, as a predefined option will always be selected for you

Can I also place my stock exchange orders by telephone?

At the moment you can only execute orders through the Trading section of your E-banking or mobile application. In case of investments in financial products other than stocks, ETFs and funds you can write us through the messages section and our customer service center will process your request. For this option remember that our attention hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (UTC+1)