Which cryptocurrencies can I invest in?

At the moment only Bitcoin. we are continuously working to increase our crypto-assets offering

How can I open a wallet?

At New Gen you already have a wallet associated with your account from the moment you open it

Can I have more than one wallet?

Yes, as many as you have cryptocurrencies, see the different types of wallets and security levels. You can contact us at

What types of wallet do you offer?

There are two types of wallets, the “hot wallet” type with individual signature of operations through your credentials and an additional one, which we have called “warm wallet” that serves to store cryptocurrencies with an additional level of security, through which the bank intervenes in the operations, this type of wallet is limited depending on the type of client, amount to be guarded and has specific service conditions and fees

How can I buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Through the online banking app you can invest at any time or day of the week

What is the cost of buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

Depending on the type of account and operation there are different fees, if you sell, you also have to pay the “network fee” that corresponds to Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can rest assured that we offer you the best execution price without hidden margins like most brokers

Can cryptocurrencies limit order be placed?

You can place limit orders of four types. You can place “Fill or Kill”, “Immediate or Cancel”, “Good Till Cancel” and “Good Till Date” orders. In the latter case, the maximum time limit allowed is 90 days

I have bought cryptocurrencies but I have seen that I cannot dispose of them at the same time, why is this happening?

You can not dispose of your cryptos at the same time you bought them, because the settlement process through the blockchain is not immediate. When you buy or sell through BBVA, all your transactions go through the blockchain, unlike other intermediaries, so you can be sure that your transactions are yours and are not affected by those of other customers. This settlement process only takes place during office hours, so if you carry out transactions outside office hours, weekends or public holidays, the settlement takes place on the next working day

Is there a minimum amount per order to invest in cryptocurrencies?

As a general rule, there’s no minimum amount per order to invest in cryptocurrencies, however, we advise you to bear in mind that there may be a minimum cost per transaction and costs associated with the network fee in particular

Can I receive or make payments to third parties with cryptocurrencies?

No, it is only possible to make transfers between wallets owned by you. Receiving or making payments to third parties is not supported

Do you provide me with tax information about my cryptocurrency investments?

In most countries there is an obligation to report investments in cryptocurrencies. The bank provides consolidated tax information on positions in cryptocurrencies and financial assets (funds, ETFs, shares, bonds, etc.) on an annual basis. The information is received in the e-documents section of online banking

Can I hold Ethereum tokens?

At the moment you can’t hold Ethereum tokens. If for any reason an unsupported token is sent to the wallet, you will not see it in the wallet and you will not be able to withdraw it from the address because the bank will not recognize it as operational, so there is a from the address because the bank will not recognize it as operational, so there is a risk of total loss and inability to access it

Can I apply for credit by leveraging my Bitcoin and Ether investments?

At the moment you can’t apply for credit by leveraging your crypto investments. However, you can easily leverage your traditional financial assets and obtain credit to invest in cryptocurrencies

Why can't I access my private keys or public addresses?

We do not share private keys or wallet addresses for security reasons, as doing so may expose you to potential attacks or fraud attempts

What actions do you take to protect my cryptocurrency investments?

Please note that while we employ the highest level of security measures to protect the assets in your wallet, the holding of cryptoassets is not without risk. We therefore strongly recommend that you protect your mobile device with appropriate security measures at all times. Such measures include, but are not limited to, PIN access, biometric verification and two-factor authentication when logging into the BBVA app. Please never share your credentials with third parties. BBVA will never ask you for your credentials by phone, email or any other means